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  William Jackson

I also went with the V700, its replacement is the V800. What is noticeable about the V800 is it only scans 9 slides at a time instead of the 12 the V700 did. My guess is, knowing the nature of the pedants who scan, that the V700 may’ve had some limitations around the edges of the slides and thus they’ve reduced the number of slides at a time to increase the quality. This is a guess though.

William – very happy with his purchase all those years ago.

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This was a regular topic for a long time. It seems that everyone bought something which suits, and isn't in the market any more.

I got the top of the line Canon, an 8800F. It has been good, but may just have failed.
At the time, it was rated second behind Epson V550.
Currently, it seems that Cannon 9000 has replaced the 8800; Epson V550 exists, also V600 (and I am not discerning the difference).
The Canon would hold A4, but it had to be placed in the centre of platen by judgment. It could be placed along an edge, as scanning didn't go to the edge of the platen.

Any comments or recommendations from other users?


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