RE: Re: Sydney Metro
  Paul Nicholson

From reading the various postings on here and other groups, it would appear the Sydney Metro doesn't enjoy the support or approval of enthusiasts?

I will be seeing for myself next Tuesday. I have ridden automated metros in several places such as Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. My impressions have been good but I am not a technical person.

Last week, I experienced the Canberra light rail and was impressed, particularly with the cleanliness of the vehicles. Spotless vehicles seem to be an important feature of modern systems. And the speed of the Canberra "trams"!

It's a disappointment to see the general condition of trams in Melbourne but one has to make allowance that people (i.e. tram "customers") are generally grubbier and smellier than elsewhere. The E class are pretty good, however.

Paul in Melbourne