Re: Some Sydney Citadis 305

I went past on the way home a bout 5 pm. There was temporary fencing
around it with about 3 metre gap; well out of the range of spray paint

When I tried to take some photos, a security guy was hanging around. I
jokingly asked him "did it break down"; his response was "something
like that" although it had been advertised that it wouldn't be going
back till later that night. Perhaps it had overstayed its operating
time window earlier in the day.

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On 7/6/19 9:24 pm, Geoffrey Hansen wrote:
Is it going to be on display for this weekend's transport expo?

I understand the pair returned that evening.  I decided to rain
again in Sydney today so I didn't go back down to Central.

I gather from the way their social media team were talking they don't
even know about the Transport Heritage Expo. It would have been ideal
to have a pair of trams there and have the whole safety thing ready to

ONRSR say they want to target school children and get the safety
message across at a young age. The Sydney Light Rail PR people had a
ready made family audience to target with the 'be safe around trams'
message and they let it pass.

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