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Sat.23.3.19 Metro twitter
Mernda line: Buses replace trains Bell - Epping until the last train of Sun 24 Mar (level-crossings works).
- 2.05 has a bus arrived yet? The bus frequency is 30-40 minutes until 3am.
- 8.45 Buses replace trains Thornbury - Epping; trains run Flinders St - Bell and Epping - Mernda.
- 9.01 Because of level-crossing removal works, High Street (Reservoir) is closed at the crossing until 5.00 Monday 25 March. Detours will be in place..
Buses replace trains Burnley - Glen Waverley until the last train of Sun 24 Mar (maintenance works).
Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines: Buses replace trains Flinders St - Caulfield until the last train of Sun 24 Mar (works).  Express buses depart from Arts Centre).  All-stations buses depart from Federarion Square (Russell St) until 7.00, then from Parliament until 22.00 today.
- I wanted to get from Caulfield to Richmomd, and was told that there were only express buses to Flinders St. The website says that there should have been a stopping all stations option.
- There are all stations buses operating.  However, because of heavy traffic conditions affecting the inner suburbs around Sth Yarra and Toorak, an express bus to Flinders Street and connecting with a train towards Richmond may be a faster option.
- 12.22 Takes over an hour on a bus to get from Caulfield to Richmond for the footy.
- 19.27 I suggest that everyone allows at least 3 hours for additional travel time...leaving MCG was embarrassing.
Sandringham line: Buses replace trains Flinders St - Sandringham until the last train of Sun 24 Mar (project works).  Between 7.00 & 22.00, buses will operate to/from Parliament.
- The PTV app doesn’t mention this!
- Our metroNotify is showing this weekend's planned works for the Sandringham line.
- The PTV app just says no city loop trains.
- We don't manage the PTV app or website, but will follow up with them.
3.59 Buses will replace trains between North Melbourne and Werribee (an overhead power fault near Southern Cross).  Buses have been ordered but may take over 1 hour to arrive, consider alternative transport.
- 4.13 Consider Night bus route 945, City - Geelong Rd - Tarneit - Hoppers Crossing - Werribee - Wyndham Vale.
- 4.45 Buses will replace trains between North Melbourne and Newport.  A shuttle train will operate between Newport and Werribee.
- 4.46 Eight buses have been ordered, but may take 1 hour to arrive.
- 5.08 Eight buses are enroute.
- 6.20 Buses are operation.
- 6.26 I've been at Newport for over an hour and not one bus has been seen.
- 6.30 The first has turned up now.
- 7.34 Nine buses are in operation.  Anticipate buses to be in operation until at least 10.30.
- 8.30: 12 buses are in operation, with an extended journey time of 45 min [total or additional?].
- 9.00 Trains are expected to resume at ~12.30.
- 11.31 Trains are expected to resume at ~13.00.
- 12.30: 17 buses are in operation, with an extended journey time of 45 min..  Trains are expected to resume at ~14.30.
- 14.00 Trains are expected to resume at ~15.30.
- 15.30 Trains are expected to resume at ~16.00.
- Buses are replacing trains on this line so much lately you might as well run the buses on the train tracks!
- 15.48  Trains are resuming, with major delays.  First trains: 15.25 ex Werribee (due out of Newport at 15.52); 15.47 ex Flinders St.
- Stop changing ya mind. Is it 15.00, 15.30 or 16.00? METRO = SHAMBLES.
- I don't mind the updates; they're helpful, as we know that we need to now travel by car.  What’s annoying is that there is no reference to the fact that the time keeps being revised (from 13.30).
- I agree, but they need to stop beating around the bush. If they need until 18.00 to fix it, just say it; don’t say “ maybe 15.30”.
- Channel 9, can you do a follow up on this? Over 8 hours of no trains on the Werribee line.
- 16.40 My daughter has been waiting at North Melbourne for 40 min, shunted from one platform to the other, lift not working, escalators not running and she can barely walk.  She has only just got on a train!  Disgraceful.
- Stop giving false information that trains have resumed. I could have taken a Vline but came to Werribee station instead, thinking that trains have resumed.  At the last minute you cancelled the 16.25, although it was ready to leave the platform! Vline is more reliable now.
4.14 Craigieburn/Sunbury/Upfield lines: There will be minor delays; trains will depart from platforms 1 and 2 at North Melbourne.
- 6.11 Passengers at Southern Cross, board tram 70 in Spencer Street [it doesn't run in this street] and change at Flinders St for connecting services..  [hard to guess what is happening.  Are three routes flighting  through the loop, then reversing direction?].
- 8.30 Major delays (an overhead power fault near Melbourne Southern Cross)..  All trains will not stop there.  Take a Collins St tram to Swanston St and walk a block to Flinders St.
10.41 [and to after 14.50] Minor delays.  Some [all?] trains will not stop at Southern Cross.  Catch a train from pfm 8 (to North Melbourne) or 10 (to Flagstaff) and change.
- 17.20 Can we still have some train at St Albans?  I've been waiting, and neither of the trains which should be at 17.14 and 17.34 is here.
- Are you travelling citybound? The two were cancelled because of the earlier disruption [consecutive services, leaving a 1 h gap].  The next at St Albans is scheduled for 17.54.
0.22 Cranbourne line: Minor delays (police attending to a trespasser near Lynbrook).  Trains will be held.
- 0.49 Now major, but clearing.

Gang of seven teens allegedly assault, rob woman on train March 23, 2019.
A train passenger was injured when she was allegedly set upon by a gang of seven teenagers in a violent early morning attack.
Police said the 23-year-old Clayton woman was approached by a 19-year-old man and six girls, aged between 16 and 15, on a south-bound Pakenham train about 5am on March.
A woman was allegedly assaulted on a Melbourne train.
A verbal altercation took place, leading to the alleged assault. The woman dropped her purse, and the man allegedly picked it up and stole it.
The woman was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
A 19-year-old Pakenham man has been charged with theft, handling stolen goods and obtaining property by deception. He has been bailed to appear at the Dandenong Magistrates Court on June 7.
Two 16-year-old girls have been charged with recklessly causing injury, affray and unlawful assault, while another 16-year-old girl has been charged with recklessly causing injury, affray and assault by kicking.
They have been bailed to attend a children's court at a later date.
Two 16-year old girls and a 15-year-old girl have also been questioned, but have been released pending further enquiries.
The investigation is ongoing.

Four teens bailed over alleged vicious train attack
Herald Sun March 23, 2019
Four teens have been bailed following an alleged attack on a woman on a train. Picture: Eugene Hyland.
Seven teens, aged 15 to 19, were arrested by transit detectives after the 23-year-old woman was assaulted on a southbound Pakenham train about 5am on March 10.
Police say the woman was assaulted and kicked by the group after a verbal confrontation.
It is alleged a male also stole her purse during the attack.
The Clayton woman required hospital treatment for non-life threatening injuries.
Four teens were charged and bailed.
They include:
A 19-year-old man charged with theft, handle stolen goods and obtain property by deception;
Two 16-year-old girls charged with recklessly cause injury, affray and unlawful assault;
A 16-year-old girl charged with recklessly cause injury, affray and assault by kicking;
Two 16-year old girls and a 15-year-old girl were questioned and released pending further inquiries.
The 19-year-old male will appear at Dandenong Magistrates’ Court on June 7.
The investigation is ongoing.
<www.heraldsun.com.au/news/law-order/four-teens-bailed-over-alleged-vicious-train-attack/news-story/837e9057b666f04ef841cb3571732aa0s> or without the s