Malcolm Rowe

Here's my attempt at an 'arty' tram pic.
110 was heading into the setting sun as it approached the Botanic Garden
stop this evening. The trams (including the special 'loop' service in the
evenings) are heavily loaded with passengers heading to and from WOMAD and
the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

A little later I caught 113 making the turn from King William Rd into North
Terrace on the loop service.

Mal Rowe - enjoying painted, photographic, music and dance art in
Adelaide's busiest week of the art year

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110 BotanicGarden 10Mar2019  |  1492W x 1050H  | 342.32 KB |  Photo details
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113 KingWilliamRd-into-NorthTerrace 8Mar2019  |  1650W x 948H  | 308.32 KB |  Photo details