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The tram in front of Carlyons was W7.1024.
Melbourne Express, Wednesday, March 6, 2019
9.02 It was a horror morning on the train network, with buses replacing trains on the Werribee line after a man was hit by a train, and all lines travelling through Caulfield - South Yarra down due to a fault.
All lines have resumed normal service, but delays are still being felt on adjacent lines as commuters avoid lines that were down.
8.48 Man hit by train taken to hospital, trains set to resume A man struck by a train between Werribee and Hoppers Crossing has been airlifted to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a serious condition suffering upper body injuries.
Trains are set to resume on the Werribee line before 9AM.
8.33 Train services resume between Caulfield - South Yarra
After an earlier fault, the Pakenham/Frankston/Cranbourne lines have resumed normal service.
7.44 Man hit by train in Melbourne's west. Buses will replace trains between Werribee - Laverton after a person was hit by a train.
Paramedics were called to an incident just after 7am between Werribee and Hoppers Crossing stations. A man is being assessed at the scene with serious upper body injuries.
Passengers are currently being removed from the train.
Buses have been ordered but may take over 60 minutes arrive. Trains continue to run between Laverton - Flinders Street.
6.53 Buses replacing trains. The Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines are down between Caulfield-South Yarra due to an external power cable issue.
Buses are running between Caulfield - Elsternwick. Those travelling to Malvern, Armadale, Toorak & Hawksburn should use alternative travel options.
5.53 All clear on the trains and roads so far.

Wed.6.3.19 Metro Twitter.
5.30 Pakenham/Cranbourne/Frankston lines: Trains Caulfield - South Yarra are suspended (an external power-cable issue).  Buses are running Caulfield - Elsternwick.  Malvern, Armadale, Toorak & Hawksburn passengers must use alternatives.[66 comments follow, impossible to track in full].
- 5.57 Elsternwick now starting to get very busy. Good luck everyone. This is the calm before the major works planned disruption.
- 6.01 We've got additional Sandringham trains running to assist with the increased passenger traffic.
- Not at 8.38.
- 6.06 We have 14 buses running between Caulfield and Elsternwick, with more enroute.
- 6.10 customer service announcements at Elsternwick would help, and perhaps provide free coffee from the station while everyone waits patiently.
- Have you arranged bus services yet? It's not good news to hear at 6.20.
- Cancelling Frankston trains doesn't help.
- Are there buses between Caulfield & South Yarra for those of us travelling on the Frankston line? [No].
- Why is the 6.18 from Cranbourne cancelled? Let us reach Caulfield at least.
- There is a train at Cranbourne now, the 6.18.  Why can't it run on time, at 6.18?
- I went to Cheltenham, heard about all the issues, quickly rang my husband and we raced to Sandringham.  I have to get to work by 8.  He dropped me off spent 2 sec out the front of station as there was a train waiting, and there was someone waiting to book people with a camera.  Thanks Metro and Bayside Council.
- They're booking people because it's a no-standing zone and you present a danger to others if you get dropped off there. Bayside Council doing a good job there.
- Dangers to others? She is not stopping in middle of Monash Fwy. She is gettimg dropped off for 10 sec. I'm sure that the ticket inspector knew the situation which has occured, and so reached to station to achieve his targets
- So in your logic I can mount the footpath for 10 seconds to drop someone off because I couldn't bothered to find an appropriate, legal place to do so. What other road rules have you made up to suit you and screw other people?
- Are any trains running anywhere on the Frankston line?
- Yes. A train just arrived at Chelsea heading inbound to Caulfield.
- Premier Andrews should be forced to travel on these lines to & from work for a month, setting his work time 9.00 at Parliament.  If he is late more than 5 days in a month, he should be sacked as premier. I'm sure that he would  lose his job.
- 6.27 Clearly not enough buses given the queues at Caulfield.
- 6.30 What the hell is going on? The last two Frankston trains were cancelled; the next isn’t leaving until 7.00.
- Who will be reimbursing all the people who paid for tickets today?  Or will you have ticket inspectors out in full force?
- So mad. Just spend 40 minutes on toll roads to head to another line to have a chance of even getting to work... bye bye money.
- By far the worst service! Issues every day!
- I don’t understand how they think that it’s okay to say allow an extra hour for travel times in the morning? For many people to first warning didn’t come through until we’re arriving at our normal time?
- Passengers should travel free.
- Worst train line in Melbourne.
- 6.39 Your train staff is highly incompetent.  They are laughing there instead of guiding people and drivers are just sitting using phones.
- Can't  you use buses to connect with the Glen Waverley line too? Are you running trains at every 30 seconds on Sandringham line or so?
- Station announcements? Considering you are cancelling trains with no announcements too?
- 6.44 Berwick station is crowded; 6.31 & 6.45 cancelled.  Have you any sense of managing crises?
- The third major disruption to the new infrastructure put in over Christmas (that I know of).  Another project managed by Metro.
- The 6.53 ex Elsterwick was 3 minutes late, and you were supposedly running more trains.
- 6.56 Any delays on Frankston line this morning?
- Yes.
- “External power cable issue” is the same excuse which I use when I don’t submit my university assignments on time.
- How am I able to plan for extra travel time I'm already late for work?
- The irony is that when you all finally get to Melbourne Southern Cross there will be a throng of bully boy ticket inspectors at the gates...unless they are taking your names for a refund.
- No trains are leaving from Hughesdale to Caulfield.  Thanks for letting us know what’s happening.
- 6.58 Are trains running normally from South Yarra through the loop?
- 7.12: The 767 bus at Hughesdale station has broken down. Melbourne public transport is flying this morning.
- This is beyond ridiculous. How many times are trains affected at Caulfield station this year! Every time there are disruptions, customers should be refunded. Really really bad customer experience.
- Don’t worry, you will get a bonus for this. Such a crappy service..  Metro can’t even run my kid’s toy train system.  Please leave it for someone else. Ruining our day to day life everyday
- This is chaotic.
- Same old problem.
- Rather than kick Metro, we should all stop and realise that neither Victorian rail system is equipped to cope with our growing population in a major disruption like this. Can't throw more trains on an already bursting line and roads clogged for buses.
- Nothing changes . Same old story of Metro. Had a  shocking morning. At a brink of taking Metro to court for anxiety and  depression  at work due to late arrivals.
- Most apologies award of the year goes to Metro.
- Useless.
- Great way to start the day.
- Malvern, Armadale, Toorak and Hawksburn just find your own way. What a great service you run Metro. Not even a single bus to help passengers at these stations. It's complete chaos for passengers at these stations. The alternatives can't cope with the extra load.
- The downside of running buses could be seen yesterday on the GlenWaverley line...they caused a traffic jam around Darling station, expanding the number of people inconvenienced.
- At least run more trains so more people can get to Caulfield easier - not that hard.
- Will services be restored anytime soon?  How come buses aren’t running to South Yarra? Dumping us all on the Sandringham lane is going to be a disaster.
- We have additional Sandringham line trains running to assist with the heavier passenger traffic.
- People still can’t get on a train. Bus people to the city.
- 7.19 No trains are leaving from Hughesdale according to monitors in station concourse.
- Can you urgently put together a call centre that will call the managers of all affected passengers to tell them they're running late again because of train line suspensions?
- 7.27 What is going on? Sitting at Oakleigh for the last 10 minutes and Huntingdale for 10 minutes before that.
- Trains are still running into Caulfield, but may be held out to prevent congestion there.
- Nobody at the stations or on the train were explaining anything.
- This has to be the worst train line in Melbourne. Something like this happens every other day.
- How many times this year has the same issue caused the same problems? Why is this not fixed to ensure passengers don’t suffer every week?
- Metro, the train service with the largest bus fleet in the southern hemisphere.
- Why not just shut the train network down permanently? What a disgrace! people should be falling on their swords for this. How much more of this  do you expect hundreds of thousands of commuters to suffer through this? This impacts people’s livelihoods, wellbeing and productivity!
- They’ll just continue to do so until the transport minister shows any interest in the Melbourne train network and hold people accountable.
- This line should be free travel until you sort out your issues.
- Every time the power goes out you expect a refund! It happens it can’t be helped sometimes.
- Completely true, these things do happen but it happens way too often to this line.
- More buses are needed ASAP at Caulfield.
- Don't bother going to Elsternwick; you'll never get on.
- Thanks to Brian for tweeting this disaster planner.  If you're stuck on the Pakenham/Cranbourne lines, this is the best bet. Even uber waits are skyrocketing.
- Add: Murrumbeena to East Malvern is under 20 min walk.  It's bus 624, not 824.  900 can also help to/from Caulfield if the Frankston line is running (not today!)
- I hope that anyone who can demonstrate they use these lines on a regular basis is comprensated not just those touching on today.
- Metro compensation policy is terrible. I doubt anyone will be compensated..
- Thank the announcer at Clayton at 7.15 this morning who gave us an alternative and quicker route than suffering through the delays. Sounds like lots of stations need to get on her level.
- I was sitting in a train at Oakleigh for about 20 min.  Right outside there had been a 903 bus going to Holmsglen station.  Nobody bothered to inform the stranded passengers.
- You’ve made me late for work again. You continually stuff up people’s days and cost the city millions in lost productivity yet expect to be paid. I want my travel this morning refunded. What’s the process and how long does it take to get a refund?
- I think this whole concept of "cheapest tender" needs to go. When are you getting rid of MTM? Let's buy it all back and bring back The Met. At least trains used to work back then. Absolutely fed up with this nonsense. No more surprise shutdowns!
- If you were compensating Frankston line passengers for your below-par service, none of us would pay for a trip this year.
- On a train that has been stuck at Westall for the last 20 minutes.  What is going on. Am I ever going to get to work this morning?
- Trains at Elsternwick are too infrequent and arriving packed.
- Tune up for next month.
- Funny how the Metro twitter handler doesn't reply to real concerns people raise in commemts.  Seems metro doing mock drill of storm coming in april. I'm sure once thr so called maintainance work finish in april,V will hv more of this,same lik what happened in jan.
- 7.35 I waited at Kananook for 15 minutes before the second train was cancelled...then 40 minutes until the next train to leave Frankston. I ended up driving to Ferntree Gully to get on another line. Such a joke
- 7.36 Are Sandringham services running via the loop?
- Where would we be without the Sandringham line to save us?
- We had an announcement on the Pakenham line that buses were running between Caulfield and Flinders St. Is this not the case? There's some mixed messages around.
- Why can’t you just bus us to the city? It is so much more practical and sensible.
- Is there any chance of getting on a loop train at Richmond?
- I’m gonna be late to school. Could you give me something to prove them your awful service today?
- Nice work Metro...job very well done.
- If you are citybound from Frankston, try the westbound route 67 tram from Glen Huntly. Runs direct to Elsternwick. Was busy, but is another option.
- 7.55. Crowdiong on the Sandringham Line. [photo].
- Same shit different day. Metro are complete frauds.
- 7.58 Caulfield still just as bad.
- And still lol.
- 8.00 I got to the station to find no running trains, 9.06 was the FIRST tram or bus that came along. I understand that things happen, but the current ‘replacement’ system needs serious review. I should have been 30 min early to work as usual, and now I’ll be over an hour late.
- I know a ‘replacement’ bus was running from Caulfield station, but when crowds of people were coming BACK from Caulfield station after waiting 45 min for the bus, it can hardly be called a replacement.
- Fellow commuters please join me in starting a class action law suit against Metro for failing to deliver services promises. I'm sick of this shit. Metro are going to explain to my boss today I couldn't make this 9 am meeting? I want the ceo to ring my boss and tell him.
- I'm in as well. Have been waiting actually to do this for some time. Seriously let's do this people what's the next step?
- Metro is brilliant in a crisis, really know how to scramble and make the most out of the rollingstock. Praise be to Metro.
- Amazing stopping at every station and seeing the platforms heaving with commuters not commuting. Great to see you pulled out all the stops, Metro. And it's been at least two hours, surely something could have been organised by now?
- Why am I stuck at Westall for last 10 minutes and Springvale 10 minutes before that? How does this align with your predicted 45 minutes of delays?
- These two ladies jumped the queue waiting to board buses at Caulfield this morning, refused to move when called out, abused me and other passenger and metro staff did nothing but stand and watch them.
- 8.06 We have been sitting at Westall station for the last 20 min. Even the train driver is being left in the dark.
- Premier Andrews, throw up a media alert, avoid going to work as we build this city... plan ahead to avoid major delays, also plan ahead for our screw ups...try going to work on our line a week...you will see the issues we face.
- Another day, another delay of some sort. This really is getting a bit beyond ridiculous.
- 8.08 Metro is trying to minimise the Caulfield bus queues by cancelling almost every train from Cranbourne.
- This is all in preparation for April, so that we can ease in.
- It’s the 21st century and it’s not even hot! Lift your game. Three hours to get to a two hour uni class.
- 8.12 If you're stuck at Carnegie station, head up to Dandenong Rd & get bus 900 to Caulfield. [Timetable link posted].
- Mind you it's pretty horrible at Caulfield too. Enormous queues for buses..
- 8.26 Stuck on a packed train in Ormond that wasn’t moving so got out. No transport to Toorak. Uber $70! Happy Wednesday!
- Why don’t you post to Facebook too?  A lot more Australians use Facebook than twitter. Or is that the problem you can’t handle the complaints?
- If everyone's being shuttled to Elsternwick, where are all the extra trains on the Sandringham line to cope?
- Instead of more trains, they are getting cancelled. Makes sense.
- No buses from Moorabbin to Brighton Beach?
- This would be a good solution to take pressure off at Caulfield.
- The Melbourne passenger rail service has become so disjointed and unreliable that it is not a reasonable transport option anymore.
- 8.27 Anyone at Moorabbin - train on platform 2 is about to go to Richmond!
- Heard about the major disruption. Why is this always happening. How can we rely on your service to get us from A to B. When this sort of crap keeps on occurring. You're causing us to lose faith in you and ending up making our own way to the city. Get your act together and fix it!
- 8.29 Trains are resuming, with delays.
- 8.30 Please draw some attention to the major delays on the Pakenham /Cranbourne  lines.  The situation is beyond ridiculous this morning.and bosses  are getting sick of the genuine excuses. Thus line is beyond belief. But, yes, Metro does apologise, every day.
- Still take our money, but apologise so it’s all good.
- Only thousands of people affected.  Only three or four train lines down . Only overcrowding at Caulfield. Only 15min wait times at Caulfield.  And all we get is “Metro Thank you for your patience”.
- This practice for the April hell-fight on public transport isn't boding well. 2.5 hours Chelsea-city today including paying for Uber to shorten the pain.
- Some remote village in the Amazon jungle: Our public transport service is pretty average really. Probably the worst ever.
- What a mess. Hoping you’re a little more organised for the April plans cause this was a massive disruption.
- Are you able to ring my boss let him know this kid is going to be super late. Coming from you will sound better as I have been doing so each day and the reason gets tired and folks start to think I am full of it.
- What a disaster?  We need a new train management team now.
- There is a word for your services affected by equipment failure every week... would you like to know?
- You don’t care a damn if we go to work or home on time.  Trains don’t run in the heat, don’t run in the cold and now don’t run at all...worst than third world conditions
- You knew that there was a problem before 7.00, and yet at 8.30 you are still funnelling everyone from Caulfield to Elsternwick, which already has capacity trains.  No extra trains at that time. Just dumb.
- Update the app so people can plan their travel accordingly.
- So tram to Elsternwick it is then. I hope that there’s extra trains on the Sandringham line.
- I would avoid Elsternwick.
- So is it worth going back to Glen Huntly or do I get on the tram to Elsternwick?
- Do you honestly think that resuming peak hour transport at 8.35 is going to solve the issues for hundreds of thousands of people that you’ve caused - disgusting company.
- Obviously touching off and not paying for this pathetic trash.
- There’s hundreds of us at Caulfield who are in line for the buses and can’t turn around, you can’t announce it there?
- 8.44 My train has arrived Huntingdale now...lets see if it terminates at Caulfield..I hope not.  My train originally scheduled to terminate at Caulfield is running through to city. Good luck and Godspeed fellow commuters.
- 8.45 When will Frankston & Pakenham trains start stopping at South Yarra? At the moment they're traveling through but not stopping.
- Just because the Pakenham/Cranbourne area is a safe Labor seat you deny the infrastructure, no actions on.
- You are skipping stations so you can meet your punctuality targets?
- 8.53 I’ve gone back to Glen Huntly station. Still no tram in sight anyway.
- It's Allow for extra travel time Wednesday!
- All the trains are skipping South Yarra station. Hundreds of commuters stranded. Why?
- Who will actually hold them accountable for this though? who can?
- 8.53 We all have been waiting at Malvern for half an hour with “listen for announcements” on the screens yet we haven’t got a SINGLE one. Would just be nice to know what is going on.
- Are we all going to get refunds because of the disruptions this morning?
- I called in sick today even though I was totally fine. I knew had I forced myself to work, I would end up being there by 10 where I was supposed to start at 8.30. How on earth do you lot justify charging commuters a hell lot of money for your incompetence?
- I wanted to call sick too, but dragged myself to work with a 2.5hr commute.  Applied 1.5hrs annual leave.  When returning home, that train is cancelled too. There is a little value of me working today.
- Oh gosh that’s awful. I feel for you. It was raining too in the morning, which made it worse.
- 8.54  It’ll be nice if the train stopped at Malvern: seven trains have passed.
- Have had trains run express past Malvern for 20 minutes. It’s a joke.
- At Caulfield; fingers crossed what news driver gives: terminate or train continue?
- It was an external power issue, what do want Metro to do? Do you lot of whingers expect 100 buses to suddenly appear out of thin air?
- FFS let the driver know!
- No announcements and no people to update us at Armadale. Screens blank. All express trains not stopping. Any suggestions?
- 8.56 At least 500m long queue at Caulfield station waiting for replacement bus service. Three lines of people get dumped at Caulfield & transferred to the Sandringham  line. How can it  carry all, on top of its own?  What a mess.
- 9.00 My train originally scheduled to terminate at Caulfield is running through to city. Good luck and Godspeed fellow commuters.
- Confirming my train is running express to Flinders St via the loop.  It is from Caufield to South Yarra now.
- 9.03: At 7.40 I was in Clayton, and now I’m still in Syndal.  Thanks a lot for timely help.
- Privatisation of public transport was never going to work.
- Absolutely disgraceful.
- Refund the money atleast if you can’t do anything about it!! This is something beyond imagination! Even third world countries manage these things better!
- Metro should refund travel cost due to today’s delays.
- Your announcements at Armadale are coming out on platform 4... no one is on platform 4 and you can’t hear it from platforms 1 & 2. You can’t even get the basics rights!
- 9.06 There are still thousands of people trying to get on trains on the Sandringham line; people couldn't get on after Middle Brighton .
- Everyone knew that disaster happened in Jan on these lines.  Now it started again, and will continue to end of April. Shameless premier giving taxpayer-funded bonus to metro four fentastic service providing to melbourne?  Something stinks?  What share he will be getting back out of this bonus?
- And what are the so called people in charge doing? Sfa.
- Most of us have been waiting at stations like idiots.  Thanks for being brilliant at running our public transport system, we should be compensated for your terrible service!
- This is the third major disruption to these lines after the “upgrade” works performed over Christmas, when all lines were shut down for 3 weeks. We’ve also got all of April coming with major distributions too! Unfortunately the Minister for Transport isn’t on Twitter.
- Keeping tagging every MP, Govt Department and minister you can. Enough is enough and Melbournians deserve a PT system fitting of the great city that we are! Any other industry would be held to account for this ridiculously faulty and unreliable network. Time for change!
- Unfortunately the Vic Minister for Transport is not on Twitter or that account would be bombarded this morning. Sam Hibbins is our local MP, please rally your colleagues; the people of Melbourne have had enough of this!
- can't you put these dipshits to shame with amount of chaos  that they caused this year it self.. also, every time it's the same station with issues.. Caulfield.
- Can’t even go a week without having issues.
- You. Are. Useless.
- Not one person to tell you anything at Elsternwick. Absolute shambles.
- Nothing like trying to get to my shitty job on a shitty train that never works and uber tries to hit you with thus bullshit.  Be better Metro.
- What really pushed me over the edge is Metro skipping stations to suit themselves.
- First train through Hawksburn just now - 9.25. No one can get on it as it is packed. God help us in April.
- I managed to get on a train to Flinders st but no platforms available at Flinders St due to congestion so stuck on a stationary train. I'm on a train to nowhere. Luckily I'm going to be only about an hour late for work today. I am not looking forward to April.
- Over 2 h into the journey to work today. Still on a bus to Elsternwick stuck in traffic. At least another hour to get to work. What a absolute waste of time.
- I aimed to catch the 9.09 at Seaford. No train and no announcement. Where are the trains?
- Now it's the 9.19. Announced 4 minute delay at 9.19. Still waiting for this train and it's creeping up to 9.30.
- I would like to see these figures for JUST the Pakenham/Cranbourne lines.   They'd be a massive epic fail, without doubt.
- Very frustrating
- Time left Melbourne SC 7.45, and only at Carnegie at 9.30.  What a waste of time.  Glad I do night shift.
- 9.46 Please update MetroNotify. The app has been reporting only minor delays on the Frankston line but that’s inaccurate. There have been major delays at Moorabbin because of the backlog of trains trying to reach Caulfield.
- How many feeds due you have from the external power companies...and are they all from the same company and are they all faulty? There is something called continuity  planning/disaster recovery... heard of it?
- As if Metro could have predicted a massive power failure? Let’s keep a lid on the indignant, entitled rage.
- This happens weekly.
- More like every second day!
- So hard to leave extra travel time when you arrive at the same time you do every day only to find out that Metro isn’t fixing the things they keep closing the lines down for. A joke.
- You are one giant catastrophe.
- I got to the station at 6.30, just logged into my computer at work, 10.15..  Congratulations, 3.75 hours to get to work.  No refunds, no nothing, just crap service every single day.
- Your additional services are definitely not enough for us.
- I've started collating my own stats on this because there is no way that Metro's numbers are accurate.
- They know the loophole.  Delays doesn't count if a service is cancelled. That's why they cancel some services half way through.
- Get your sh*t together Metro.
- Definition of useless...Metro staff standing there holding their dicks will they watch everyone pushing in.
- You are pathetic, how are we to trust that the April works are going to fix anything?
- Hi Kylie from the network control centre....I keep hearing your voice on the Pakenham line almost everyday...sincerely apologising almost every other day for some reason or the other...
Can you tell my boss that I am going to miss the meeting again due to a train issue.
- When does compensation kick in?
- Compensation? You’re kidding yourself. At best the trip will cost you more tomorrow!
- Get rid of the trains and concrete the line you can then run express buses down the lines.
- Where is the government’s response to this ongoing Melbourne transport crisis, you realise the impact on the south eastern train lines affects literally millions of people - WHERE IS THE GOVT?
- What is the refund policy? There has been an issue on Frankston line every second day, but yet we just keep paying full fare!? How is this legal? Any other business refunds are issued for continued failure to deliver service!
- Useless. Come 4pm you will have the same problem again.
- This morning is exactly why I never use my Myki. I refuse to pay for a service that gets me either to work or home on average over an hour late at least once a month.
- I have ran out of patience. Every second day you have a different issue. Some of us need to go to work and back home.
- Try the Pakenham line.  Its every day.
- 45 min delays you said/wrote. I was hoping to catch the 6.17 from Pakenham to the CBD; that was cancelled and others after that. I ended up getting into the CBD at 9.30. Do the Maths METRO = huge impact and cost to everybody who use this system with its never-ending faults.
- I got the 7.16 Dandenong train.  I've just  arrived to Flinders St after using alternative transport as suggested: via the 630 bus to Gardenvale station. I'll finally get to my 9.00 class about 10.25. I'm so happy that Metro apologises for the inconvenience. Makes me feel cared for.
- Any chance of a train stopping at Armadale? Or update your app’s “live” info so we know what the deal is.
- If train lines have resumed then why are there no loop services running through South Yarra?
- I’d also use the word “resumed” lightly. Been waiting half an hour for a train to come through Murrumbeena.
- I gave up and caught the tram.
- Stop bypassing stations to get your schedule requirements ($$$); serve your customers.
- These issues are in part due to underfunding of rail infrastructure for the past 30 years not the last 4. Labor is investing far more than previous Governments but its going to take time. Not helped by Metro being useless.
- The new tunnel is not redressing 40 years of anything: it would have been just as much hit by this failure as the existing network.  What does 'external power' supply that was such a disaster to lose?  Traction power isn't external.  Signalling power used to be internal too.
- My son tried to catch a train from Malvern to the city at 8.30 to RMIT. No trains running. A tram instead? Very few trams running  towards St.Kilda Rd. An elec due fault on Commercial Rd.  Car? Drove him to the edge of the CBD.  Chaotic roads and desperate commuters stuck all over.
- Might be worth pursuing your own transport ( byot).
- Finally.
- Metro can't manage public transport. It should be under govt. own control..
- Incorrect. Government would still need to hire engineers, operational people with the same expertise.
- Hopefully govt won't look for short term gains as like private players.
- My train is still terminating at Caulfield?
- Yes. To meet their targets and their fat bonuses while we suffer.
- Ended up leaving the thousands of passengers stranded at Caulfield and ran through to the city.
- It’s still fcked.
- Why does the driver announce that it might go to city but not sure? Haven't you given the green light for them?
- Wait for an hour - train finally stops and litterally no one can fit on. So dumb.
- FU Metro.
- I think im going to cry, stuck on a train for 1 hour get off to go work from home, while waiting for a non existing train, than line resumes. Run back again to head into the city.
- Who needs a gym membership when you have Metro?
- Kudos to station master (lady) at the Clayton station for letting passengers board the VLine train today (that usually doesn't take suburban passengers).
- You just sent two empty express trains past Hawksburn. Great work, seems like you have no interest in helping people get to where they need to be!
- Worst transport company in the world. Pathetic.
7.15 Werribee line: Buses to replace trains Werribee - Laverton (a person hit by a train). Buses have been ordered but may take over 60 minutes arrive..  Consider alternatives.
- 7.26 Alternatives [as a graphic].
- 7.58 Five buses are in operation, with a further 10 enroute.
- Great management of bus replacement service, as usual! Hundreds of people waiting. Thank you so much.
- 8.30 On the bus 35 minutes now, still stuck in the traffic. Not even to Hoppers Crossing. Is there only one way to go to Laverton from Werribee?
- Can you suggest which alternative route from Werribee to city? Have been waiting for 35 minutes.
- Uber or Taxi, of course. And PTV will happily reimburse.
- Cover the costs of “alternative transport”! I have lost over 200 dollars because of your inability to manage emergencies, and that is over three months! Every commuter pays you 9 dollars a day on average; we deserve better!
- Alternative option being sitting in your car having moved 200m in 45min.
- 8.47 Trains to resume.  The first will be the 8.58 ex Werribee.
- Great.  Bunch of us still stuck on bus enroute to Laverton. Can you redirect buses to nearest stations?
- Great news, but a lot of people still stuck on the road to Laverton.
- The traffic on the way to Laverton is insane!
- The replacement bus should be redirected to the nearest station. In the bus for one hour and 20 minutes now.
- I managed to get to Aircraft (Uber and 60 dollars), but the trains are overcrowded. It’s hard to breathe.
- After 2 and half hours, I finally got on a train.
- Now we have unscheduled stop at Yarraville. What is going on now?
- The first train is dangerously full.
- Where are the station attendants controlling the people trying to squeeze into the train?
- Not one worker at north Melbourne station assisting with crowd control.
- It's 9.03. The replacement bus is still en route to Laverton station. Mismanagement and Metro Trains are synonyms.
9.29 Sandringham line: Major delays (an injured passenger at Richmond).
- 9.53 Now major, but clearing.
12.55 Frankston line: Minor delays (police attending to a trespasser near Ormond).
- 13.11 Now major, but clearing.
Where is the 16.29 Cranbourne from Southern Cross? My morning train was cancelled. Now my evening train is cancelled too.  Is there any end to this hassle today?
- we have trains/drivers out of position.
- But shouldn't you be having backups for these kind of operational issues?  Rather than letting things take it's own course and apologising afterwards.
- 'Clearing” = lots of cancelled services but a nice government Bonus for “excellent service levels”.
- Yes, they fuck around the same people every time.
17.12 Craigieburn line: Minor delays (an equipment fault near Oak Park).
- Oh what a surprise.
- 17.37 the boom gates have been down at Pascoe Vale for 15 min.
- 18.20 clearing.
Buses replace trains Ringwood - Belgrave from 20.00 (maintenance works).
Buses replace trains Richmond/Caulfield - Glen Waverley from 20.15 (maintenance works).
- why is this at the BOTTOM of the ‘possible disruptions’ list shown on Glen Waverley services when it’s the most current alert? small issue/my own fault for not scrolling all the way, but still. order your alerts in a logical order?
Belgrave/Lilydale lines: Buses replace trains Parliament - Camberwell from 20.30 (maintenance works).
23.08 Mernda line: Delays over 20 minutes (a power issue, under investigation) in the Reservoir area. Trains may be held at available platforms.
- 23.26 Delays up to 30 minutes after an external power surge affected supply.  Held trains are now moving.
- The train system is so messed up.
- It was Pakenham /Cranbourne / Frankston lines this morning with same cause; now it’s the Mernda line.