Re: Freight car 17, Mitchells Brushes [Was: 1024 and its lamps [Was: Unidentified adverting tram, 1974]]
  Tram Gunzle

Some of the many faces of Freight Car 17 (Advertising):
In chronological order,
RED - Freight car 17, Hanna St Depot, 1950s - Kings Kings image courtesy
State Library Victoria
YELLOW - Freight Car Tram no.17 with advertising on Elizabeth Street near
Victoria Street, November 1962 - from Peter Maltezos' webpage, UNCREDITED
but believed to be from Trams and Streetscapes Metropolitan Melbourne
1950s-1960s Emile D. Badawy and John Sargent, Train Hobby Publications
PINK - Hawthorn Depot, January 1967 - Richard Jones (photo published in "A
Short History of The North Melbourne Electric Tramway & Lighting Company
BLUE - Richard Jones (last guise before "restoration" to V214)

NB: The 'yellow' livery had many re-incarnations, mostly for Sunkist frozen
food products - I remember seeing one photo of 17 advertising for frozen

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