Re: Re: Newcastle tramway video
  Matthew Geier

On Sun, 10 Feb 2019 at 11:04, Hunslet hunslet@...> wrote:

> Must the tram stop to recharge at each tram stop when there are no

> passengers alighting or joining? Matthew’s posted video show what in

> excessive standing time after a couple of passenger de-tram and/or join.


Well, the route is almost flat. If you ran without the air conditioning
running, I'm sure end to end on one charge would be easily done. But since
you can't open any windows and the doors are interlocked with traction, it
could get a bit unpleasant inside unless you smash all the windows out :-)

Even Alstom is saying you need APS, not SRS if you have a sub-tropical
climate and need 'tropical strength' air conditioning.