Re: Re: Newcastle tramway video

Even on such a short route, it's worth noting that, out of the 12 minute
journey time, the recharge process will account for up to two minutes of
this, not counting the normal dwell for passenger exchange.

You are correct Richard, the psychological factor in the wait will be
significant for passengers. There's nothing worse than streesing whether
you're going to make a connection. A sense of rapid "perpetual motion" is
significant in winning over people to using PT. I certainly remember that
feeling riding Prague trams - always on the move and snappily.

Tony P

On Sunday, 10 February 2019 11:51:00 UTC+11, Richard Youl wrote:

> It’s going to be great fun sitting in a tram one stop away from the

> Hamilton train terminus while it is going slowly but surely through this

> recharging process, and you’re anxiously looking at your watch with the

> seconds to train departure time relentlessly ticking on.


> Regards,