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  Mal Rowe

On 06/01/2019 06:33, Prescott wrote:
> Ronald, a Tramway is either enclosed by a roadway or has a roadway on one side, but separated by marking, structures or other space. I would need to know the name of this enabling Act to check it, but I think that such a statement would only apply to the line west of Darling Drive. East of that it would be a Tramway.


Defining a tramway is an old chestnut!  Many of the trams in Sydney and some in Melbourne would not be tramways under the definition above (e.g. Royal Park in Melbourne and many of the beach access tracks in Sydney).

Several railways in Australia were called tramways for various legal reasons (Camden, Koondrook, Silverton, etc.etc.)

I looked at some of the Victorian legislation and didn't find a legal definition - perhaps others can advise me.

One definition that came up from a Canadian source made some sense.

It's at:

and says:

"Rails for conveyance of traffic along a road not owned, as a railway is, by those who lay down the rails and convey the traffic."

Mal Rowe - attaching a picture of a former tramway(or is it?) seen on a guided tour by none other than Ronald B

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