Dunedin cable trams return home
  Mal Rowe

Dave Hinman writes:


Some Cable car news from ChCh and Dunedin late last week.
Restored Mornington trailer and unrestored body of 97 (Roslyn line) are now in Dunedin and in the new small display shed in Mornington Park.


And this version from Stuff Facebook:


Attached is a pic from Dave on departure day at Ferrymead (last Thurs 7 June).
Dunedin Heritage Light Rail Trust chair Neville Jemmett is in the centre and Don McAra (Christchurch based 'Dunedin' specialist') on the far right.

COTMA's 2016 Bill Kingsley Award went to to the Tramway Historical Society (Christchurch NZ) for the restoration of Dunedin Mornington Cable Car Trailer 111.
Some details of the Dunedin project (including some of Don McAra's paintings) are on the COTMA website at:

Mal Rowe - who has a Dunedin cable tram ride on his 'bucket list'

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