Fwd: Photo on TDU
  Malcolm Rowe

Graham Jordan has a better geographic knowledge of Ballarat that me.
See below.

Thanks Graham.

Mal Rowe
From: Graham Jordan graleenj@...>
Sent: Friday, June 8, 2018 5:46:15 PM
To: 'Mal Rowe'
Subject: Photo on TDU

Hi Mal

Your Ballarat photo you just posted on TDU is the listed as the wrong location. Its not Mt Pleasant, but Lydiard Street Nth looking south towards the city. The loop is the Gregory Street loop.

The trams are single truckers No 26 – on tour it was paired with bogie car No 39 not seen in shot. The other car is the service car No 27 (which ran the Sebastopol- Lydiard St Nth leg of the tour in lieu of No 11 of the other pair of trams 11 & 42). In that instance 11 & 42 ran to Sebas followed by service car 27. At the terminus 11 became the service car and followed the other two back to LSN. 27 then returned to normal duties.


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