Re: Hobart in the early 50s
  C. B.

And to think that I always regarded Edinburgh's tram numbering as chaotic!
There a new tram usually took the number of the replaced tram -- but not
always! Also, when an older car was fitted with a new top cover, and the
car was subsequently replaced, the "recent" top cover was reused and the
fleet number went with the top cover. It's a study in its own right!!


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> But with such a small fleet I suppose the person who allocated cars to

>> duties would soon know which tram number was for what size of tram.


>> This probably is represented in Melbourne by the articulated fleet having

>> different number series based on differing capacities and maybe even

>> differing maintenance requirements.



> In the city of Osijek as an 'interesting' system. The first two digits are

> the year the car was put into service. The next two are the 'sequence'.

> Thus if they obtained a tram this year it would be 1801 for the first

> delivered, 1802 for the 2nd, etc.


> They have a number of 2nd/3rd had trams obtained over quite a spread of

> years,so trams of the same class don't have similar numbers at all. Same

> with their T3PVO remanufactured trams. First two digits are the year the

> returned from rebuilding, but they got some more GT6s in the middle so what

> we tend to think of as a class number has both T3PVO and GT6 trams in

> together.



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