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180503Th Melbourne 'Age':
- Rosanna.
- Metro at 17.52.
- Frankston, old & temporary.
- North Melbourne package scare: empty station (Megan Masters), South
Kensington (crowds disgorging) and a packed route bus (Ben Ellis).

180503Th Melbourne 'Herald Sun':
- letters (road, rail, energy).
- airport elevated light rail.
- Metro changes.
- level crossing (Rosanna?)

Yahoo is showing some photos, but erratically. I can't work out how to beat
the system.
For those formerly relying on web viewing: photos are variously at
<www.westonlangford.com>, <www.hcvc.com.au/forum/index>, https://tdu.to,
<www.paddleducks.co.uk>, Metro Twitter https://twitter.com/metrotrains ,
Age / SMH /
Brisbane Times / Canberra Times ' WA Today at the links, and
<www.flickr.com/photos/13175590@N00> (for 7 days, search on tag


As ever, too little is announced, and too late. The question remains: Was
this a bomb-scare alert, and police found a mystery parcel? Was it simply a
mystery parcel being found? If so, six tracks served by four platforms
should not have required the closure of the lot. Backing up to Kensington
and to South Kensington is interesting. What authority was required under
today's rules? Police are as bad as Metro. If RRL had been electrified,
there would have been flexibility. Only Victoria pays for four tracks to
get the benefits of only two [or six for four, and pushing for eight for
four]. I gain the impression that the parcel was towards pfm 1 & 2, which
is why Upfield trains were reinstated last. The questions about loop access
hint that all other lines were routed to pfm 5 & 6, and direct to Flinders
St, although Metro didn't state that (equally, it didn't state loop running

Re elevated light rail, the best distance which could be achieved would be
20 km, and that requires an 80 km/h average to reach the airport. That
isn't impossible, but is highly unlikely. There would be no benefit to
anything, and would want ripoff fares equal to Skybus. Is absolute speed
the top priority?

Thurs.3.5.18 Metro Twitter
8.04 North Melbourne: Trains will be running from different platforms
- 8.12 On a train at Footscray, staff are saying that lines are suspended
but our driver hasn't said anything and notify hasn't been updated. Can we
get some info about what's going on?
- 8.14 All trains through or approaching North Melbourne have been stopped
(police). If you are onboard a train which is stopped, listen for
announcements and remain onboard.
- 8.18 If you're travelling from Melbourne Flinders St to Melbourne Southern
Cross, you can still catch any service from platform 1.
- 8.18 I understand that, but our driver has only just now made an
announcement. When you tell us to stay onboard trains and listen for
announcements, it's a bit difficult when there are none.
- 8.20 Perhaps just be patient and give them time to gather all the
information from whatever is going on. [15 min, when photographs could
already be around the world].
- 8.21 Can you please let us know what's the reason for the operation. Seems
like the train is stuck forever at Moonee Ponds.
- 8.22 If there are updates from staff at the station, maybe the driver
should let passengers know what's happening if their advice is to stay on
the train.
- 8.22 Sitting at Essendon contemplating Melbourne's broken public transport
- 8.23 I'll change to a tram to Flinders St at Newmarket, changing at Royal
Melbourne Hospital.
- 8.25 What an absolute joke of a transport network. One station has a delay
and whole western side is shut down. We all appreciate the four
announcements just telling us to listen for announcements.
- 8.29 Allow extra time! Leave now for work next Monday!
- 8.29 Stuck at Tottenham station "until further notice" does not look
promising at all!
- 8.29 this is crap Metro. Any thought for the hundreds of people packed in
like canned spam?
- 8.30 What is this police operation?
- 8.30 For real? reversing the train to South Kensington, how dumb is that.
Best take us back to Footscray, so that one can take a bus or taxi to
continue one's journey.
- 8.31 Why can't Metro give more details?
- 8.31 Craigieburn train going back to Kensington.
- 8.31 Been sitting outside North Melbourne. Now our train is going to
reverse to South Kensington to alight. What is going on?
- 8.31 How can people go about doing their work?
- 8.32 The tram is full; uber is $100.
- 8.32 The Craigieburn and Upfield lines have long suffered without this
latest incident throwing a spanner in the works.
- 8.33 Brilliant job Metro; now we're being taken back to Kensington after
20 minutes stopped. Are you providing alternative transport? Is today's trip
- 8.33 Do I get charged for this trip? It's not so much the money it's the
fact I pay for a service and it never delivers on time.
- 8.33 How can I get to the city from South Kensington?
- 8.35 Calm down people, it's probably just another suicide.
- 8.35 Can you send a train to Keilor Plains, it's cold on the platform.
- 8.36 Will we be receiving any compensation?
- 8.37 Any update yet? I've got a school kid on a train worried about
getting to school.
- 8.37 No announcement...train reversed back to Kensington. What's the plan
now. People are getting off. Still no announcement.
- 8.38 Stop complaining, shit happens sometimes.
- 8.39 Any update/estimation/incident details? People are leaving the train
at Sunshine to find other means.
- 8.39 So true...Upfield line is probably the worst line, infrequent and
utterly unreliable!
- 8.40 How come it's always during peak hours?
- 8.41 VLine is getting priority?
- 8.41 What's the reason for police request, is something dangerous?
- 8.43 Trains are beginning to move again but will not be stopping at North
Melbourne (police conducting safety checks after a suspicious item was
located). The station has been evacuated while the investigation is
ongoing. [good
magic word 'safety', and the first mention by Metro of the cause].
- 8.44 Ok now at South Kensington. This solves none of my problems.
- 8.45 Fantastic- great to see we get the answers on Twitter but Metro can't
provide an update - disgrace and thanks for the info.
- 8.46 Apparently there was announcement at Footscray station re a
suspicious package found at North Melbourne- who knows, as noone is saying
- 8.46 Trains are beginning to move again but will not be stopping at North
- 8.47 I have to go back & work from home. However the myki has charged
$2.94 as I was in the station for 20 minutes waiting for the train. Will
Metro reimburse this?
- 8.47 Can metro please email my school explaining why I will be 50 minutes
- No.
- Dog act.
- 8.47 What's it this time? Someone's apple in a lunchbox?
- 8.47 Trains from where are beginning to move?
- 8.48 You are quick in charging customers if they don't touch on. How about
doing reimbursement?
- 8.48 Pa speaker system at South Kengsinton is terrible.
- 8.49 Why have we been asked to exit the train at South Kensington?
- 8.50 I'd rather police and Metro shut down the network and investigate a
suspicious package then worry about a lost fare. [How can one package block
four platforms?]
- 8.50 Train returned to Kensington (from North Melbourne); why doesn't it
continue all the way to Craigieburn? At least give people options or deploy
replacement buses?
- 8.51 I could ride a snail to my destination faster than the current train
- 8.52 They're probably too embarrassed to admit they overreacted to an
empty shoe box.
- 8.52 Allow time for extra travel? Like one day before ? Absolutely
- 8.52 My son is stuck at South Kensington and there are no buses or any
updates about what is happening! It is his third day at work so I hope they
are understanding.
- 8.52 Are they running via the loop?
- 8.53 Not what we were told at Yarraville. No trains expected for 60 min.
- 8.54 We were just about to pull into North Melbourne at 8.10 when the
train stopped, then the reversed to South Kensington. No trains in either
direction. Where are the buses?
- 8.54 I was just there. Looks like they said no trains until further
notice... I'm looking for the closest tram stop!
- 8.54 Great time for UBER drivers.
- 8.55 Absolute disgrace. " allow time for travel " you mean like one day
allowance. So I'm leaving today to get to work tomorrow morning.
- 8.55 They don't get advance warning of bomb scares.
- 8.55 At Flemington Bridge they've advised that no trains are coming
through from Coburg.
- 8.56 Buses will be replacing trains Upfield - Coburg and trains are
suspended Coburg - North Melbourne while police are conducting safety
- 8.57 Pathetic Metro, please pass correct information. Upfield station
announcement says no trains running till Coburg only. But you are saying
trains will move and skip North Melbourne. There was an announcement also.
Please give us right information.
- 8.58 You crashed the train network because of one suspicious item? what a
- 8.58 Metro and police have done the right thing. Yes, you might be late
for work, but safe.
- 8.58 They have six tram lines! Send the buses to the west!
- 8.59 Multiple announcements at same time at Upfield station. Wonderful.
- 9.00 Which could potentially be a bomb? What? How are them doing their
jobs a joke?
- 9.00 Is it still ongoing?
- 9.01 Safety is more important than anything else. So, worth being patient.
- 9.01 "Alternative transport options" Ha ha.
- 9.01 This is really highlighting your ability to respond well to a
- 9.02 Trains on all lines except Upfield are moving again, but will not be
stopping at North Melbourne.
- 9.03 Thanks for running no replacement services. Really helpful inaction.
- 9.03 Route 57 tram saves the day. Hanging on inside.
- 9.03 What about the Craigieburn line?
- 9.04 20 min after this message, the train at Newport hasn't moved.
- 9.05 Yay! We are moving now!
- 9.05 how long are existed delays on Werribee line?
- 9.06 Absolutely right. First world problems.
- 9.07 What about the Upfield line?
- 9.08 We walked down to the roundabout Epsom rd and got on. Forget Uber,
peak demand charge what they want!
- 9.09 How are pedestrians able to get into the city?
- 9.10 The first train to run was an EXPRESS to Craigieburn, when it's known
that all commuters are stuck in city for a long time.
- 9.13 Really no trains are stopping at Yarraville?
- 9.14 So the Upfield line is not so much the disliked second cousin as the
redheaded stepchild.
- 9.15 I was told trains are moving again? I'm on the Sunbury line.
- 9.16 North Melbourne station looks like a ghost town.
- 9.16 Upfield line: It's a shuttle train, not buses, please correct your
update as people have walked to the bus stop which is 5 minutes away from
the train station which doesn't have announcements.
- 9.18 Craigieburn/Sunbury/Werribee/Williamstown trains are running but will
not be stopping at North Melbourne. There are major delays as
trains/drivers are out of position.
- When I touched off without travelling, I was charged $2.94. Wonderful.
Metro Rocks!
- 9.22 Trains are running and are stopping at Yarraville - but they are not
stopping at North Melbourne .
- 9.26 I'm sure his work has seen the news. If they are not understanding,
he probably does not want to work there long.
- 9.26 Four express trains ran past Yarraville. Can one of them stop? I've
been here for 83 years. I need to get to work. Uber has also tripled its
prices. I might walk to Werribee.
- 9.27 The problem isn't that NM station gets shut down; safety is
important. Problem is that one station being shut down puts the entire
network out of whack. 1 h delays and no replacement services at all.
- 9.27 Well done Police and rail staff. I'd rather be late than 'the
- 9.31 Why can't the trains move again on the Upfield as well?
- 9.32 So I suppose given you know who has tapped on and at what station
you'll automatically be refunding Myki's as compensation for the hour and
1/2 I've spent on the train?
- 9.34 Will Sunbury line trains go through the loop?
- 9.40 Uber will be extremely happy.
- 9.42 Just reached Southern Cross from Craigieburn...trains not stopping at
North Melbourne, but trains started moving from all other stations. [had it
come through pfm 5 at NM, and was running direct?].
- 9.43 What about having emergency replacement buses? Is it too much to ask
for? It is embarrassing how this company can leave you stranded without
having a plan B for its customers.
- 9.45 Bomb threat.
- 9.48 Taxify and Ola don't have surge pricing like Uber, so he could try
riding with them to get to work?
- 9.52 Trains have resumed Upfield - North Melbourne. There are still some
major delays and platform alterations at North Melbourne.
- 9.53 Was it a pair of shoes that someone forgot again?
- 9.56 All five lines are running and have resumed stopping at North
Melbourne. There are still major delays as trains/drivers are out of
- 9.58 How long are the current delays?
- 9.59 Were there any announcements re how long delays on the Craigieburn
line would be? I'm hot desking in the cbd until delays are over and I can
actually reach my office. Metronotify isn't giving a time frame.
- 10.01 We class 'major delays' as delays over 15min.
- 10.09 We're working to get services back to normal but we still have
delays over 15 min to some services because of trains/drivers being out of
- 10.55 I too am grateful to be living in this age of confected fear.
- 11.05 Delays are clearing, with trains operating to a normal service at
all platforms through North Melbourne.
- 13.20 Itook me just under 3 hours from St Albans to Parliament.
- 13.28 Bomb, my arse. Have we ever had one on public transport? Just
isolate it, move people away, even close a platform if necessary, but keep
the trains running.
8.36 I didn't think it was possible to be at Richmond 2 stops before work 30
mins early and yet somehow still be late but you've done it again.
8.46 what's the problem on Hurstbridge / South Morang lines? Train stopped
at West Richmond and emptying. At least you're on a train...the stations
are cold.
- 8.50 Oh fantastic...I'm on a train heading that way now. Can only assume
Flinders is backed up.
8.57 Are there any trains moving from South Kensington to Melbourne Central?
9.02 why cancellations on the Belgrave / Lilydale?
9.08 Why don't you just rename it to West Melbourne NOW rather than LATER?
- 9.25 Yes! The sooner the better. Will help people get use done to it,
though I still call it Spencer Street Station.
- 10.51 Obviously! I meant it's been 13~ years since it's been called
Southern Cross and I still call it Spencer Street.
Demolition of the Frankston station building will commence after the last
train tonight. Customer Service and ticketing facilities have been
relocated to the Fletcher Rd carpark while work begins on building the new
Buses replace trains Carrum-Frankston/Stony Point from the first train of 4
May until the last of 27 May.
Buses will replace trains Carrum - Frankston/Stony Point from first service
Friday 4 May until 17 June while a new station is constructed.
Hurstbridge trains will resume tomorrow; the new Rosanna station will be
operational! Over 6 weeks we've removed two crossings, built a new station
and duplicated the line between Rosanna & Heidelberg.
17.19 Because of a person being hit by train, services to Cranbourne,
Pakenham and Frankston will run direct from Flinders Street to Richmond.
Passengers at Flagstaff, Melbourne Central and Parliament board the next
service on platform
4 and change at Richmond; Passengers at Southern Cross board the next
service on platform 11 and change at Flinders Street.
- 17.45 All working now. I'm on a Frankston train that exited Flagstaff.
- 17.56 Trains have resumed via the City Loop. There may be delays up to 15
- 17.58 Walk all the way from Flagstaff to Melbourne SC just after it
happened; changed at Flinders St, then went through the loop.
- 17.59 Every day there are some issue causing us so many problems, due to
this delay my kid is still in child care who is responsible?
- 18.04 Blame the muppet that fell between the train and the platform.
- 18.08 Did the person fall? I was told when I got there that they jumped.
- 18.15 Person hit by train. Send your bill to this person.
- 18.35 I read person hit by train, which to me is not the same as falling
between platform and train (and I've done that slip). Can't believe how
often it happens here. And that Metro trains are so honest about it, unlike
QR in
- 18.37 Can't be angry when it comes to that stuff if they jumped. But if
they fell which is what I heard then it's pure muppet time.
- 20.12 They didn't fall. Consider the shitty day that driver had.
- 20.13 They should not charge people for these delays, it's an everyday
stuff for them, who does those performance analysis ?
- 21.21 It's good that they're honest. Bringing attention to a horrible
issue that affects so many. Being silent is pretending it never happens.
19.14 Frankston line: Buses to replace trains Mordialloc - Frankston (urgent
repair works at Carrum). Buses have been ordered but may take over 30
minutes to arrive, consider alternative transport.
- 19.28 Any staff coming to support the buses at Mordialloc? There are
people going everywhere here.
- 19.35 Do they have express buses to Frankston amongst the chaos?
- 19.41 Four buses are currently in operation between Mordialloc and
Frankston with a further six enroute.
- 19.43 You might want to give them directions - should be relatively easy
to go straight down Nepean Hwy.
- 19.43 Might consider 901 from Dandenong.
- 19.53 Are they express buses?
- 19.55 There will be only stopping at all station buses at the moment.
- 20.02 Any ETA on buses at Mordialloc? There's a bit of a crowd here.
- 20.04 We should have a bus pulling up now.
- 20.29 Trains have resumed between Mordialloc and Frankston. Outbound ones
will not stop at Carrum. Alight off at Seaford and change for a citybound
Frankston service. [on horrible headways].
20.30 Altona loop? No updates re that. Metro, hopeless.
21.45 Cranbourne line: Major Delays (a train fault).
Hurstbridge line: Services will resume from first service tomorrow morning,
Friday 4 May.

No Melbourne Express. [staff illness]

03/05/2018 New Rosanna Station opens, with two level crossings removed.
The major construction blitz to remove the Grange Road and Lower Plenty Road
level crossings, deliver a brand new Rosanna Station and duplicate the rail
line between Rosanna and Heidelberg is almost over.
From tomorrow, normal train services will resume on the Hurstbridge line and
passengers will be able to catch trains from the new Rosanna Station.
Over 6 weeks, around 1000 people worked around the clock to build the new
station, excavate the equivalent of five Olympic swimming pools of soil from
under Grange Road to lower the line and installed a new rail bridge over
Lower Plenty Road. The single section of track between Heidelberg and
Rosanna has been duplicated, and a new tunnel has been built under Darebin
Street, reducing a bottleneck that has caused delays for many years.
Sections of the Hurstbridge line have been closed for around six weeks and
replacement buses have been moving thousands of passengers every day.
This major construction program has meant the two dangerous level crossings
are removed, and the new Rosanna Station is operational, months ahead of
schedule. Works to fully complete the station - including landscaping and
car parking - will take place over the coming months.
Motorists have been able to travel freely and safely along Grange Road and
Lower Plenty Road without the danger of a level crossing for a couple of
weeks. [but still have to get over Heidelberg Rd, and the intersection with
Rosanna Rd].
Now the crossings are gone and the station is open, passengers can look
forward to the introduction of two extra services on the Hurstbridge line
every weekday from August 2018.
04/05/2018 When the new Rosanna Station opens on Friday 4 May it will become
a Host Station, with staff available from 6.30am-10.30am on weekdays.
27/04/2018 Improving transport connections in Rosanna. We've removed the
Lower Plenty Road level crossing and are taking the opportunity to make the
precinct safer for pedestrians and vehicles by improving transport movements
and local connections.

3 May 2018 Buses, Carrum to Frankston and Stony Point
From Friday 4 May to last service Sunday 17 June .
While works take place as part of the Skye/Overton Level Crossing Removal
Project and Frankston Station Redevelopment , buses will replace trains
between Carrum, Frankston and Stony Point.
To check the replacement bus timetable for weekdays, click here.
To check the altered train timetable for weekdays, click here.
To check the replacement bus timetable for weekends, click here.
This may increase your journey by up to 30 minutes.
To check the location of the train replacement bus stops, see below:
Station From City To City
Carrum Metro Designated Bus Stop Metro Designated Bus Stop
Station Street Station Street, Carrum Station Entrance
Exit Carrum Station on to Nepean Highway and turn right. Proceed to
pedestrian crossing, cross Station Street and turn left. Proceed to Metro
designated bus stop. Exit Platform 1, Carrum Station on to Nepean Highway
and turn right. Proceed to intersection and turn right. Cross the level
crossing with caution and turn right on to Station Street.
Proceed to Metro designated bus stop, located in front of ramps to station
Seaford Bus Stop Bus Stop
Railway Parade and McCrae Street Railway Parade
Exit Seaford Station on to Railway Parade. Cross Railway Parade with caution
and turn right. Proceed to bus stop, located on the corner of McCrae Street.
Exit Platform 1, Seaford Station, on to Station Street. Turn right and cross
level crossing with caution. Turn right on to Railway Parade and proceed to
bus stop, located in front of station entrance.
Kananook Bus Stop Bus Stop
Wells Road Wells Road
Exit Kananook Station via ramp on to Wells Road. At bottom of ramp, proceed
to bus stop, located to the right of pedestrian crossing.
Exit Kananook Station via ramp on to Wells Road. Cross Wells Road using
pedestrian crossing at bottom of ramp and turn right. Proceed to bus stop,
located at bus zone in front of car yards.
Frankston Metro Designated Bus Stop Metro Designated Bus Stop
Car park, Fletcher Road, Frankston Station Car park, Fletcher Road,
Frankston Station
Dismount bus at Metro designated bus stop in car park at Frankston Station.
Board the bus at Metro designated bus stop in the car park at Frankston
Frankston At the Metro designated bus stop at the station car park (Off
Fletcher Road). At the Metro designated bus stop at the station car park
(Off Fletcher Road).
Leawarra At the Metro designated bus stop opposite the station in Bloom
Street. At the Metro designated bus stop opposite the station in Bloom
Baxter At the Regular bus stop in Baxter-Tooradin Road (opposite the fire
brigade). At the Regular bus stop in Baxter-Tooradin Road (opposite the fire
Somerville At the Regular bus stop outside the station entrance in
Frankston-Flinders Road. At the Regular bus stop opposite the station
entrance in Frankston-Flinders Road.
Tyabb At the Regular bus stop outside the Tyabb Central Reserve in
Frankston-Flinders Road. At the Regular bus stop Mornington-Tyabb &
Frankston-Flinders Road.
Hastings At the Regular bus stop in High Street. At the Regular bus stop in
High Street.
Bittern At the Regular bus stop near the station in Frankston-Flinders Road.
At the Regular bus stop near S Beach Road and Frankston-Flinders Road
Morradoo At the Regular bus stop near the level crossing in Disney Street.
At the Regular bus stop near the level crossing in Disney Street.
Crib Point At the Metro designated bus stop outside the station entrance in
Stony Point Road. At the Metro designated bus stop opposite the station in
Stony Point Road.
Stony Point At the Metro designated bus stop outside the local milk bar. At
the Metro designated bus stop outside the local milk bar.
To check the location of the train replacement bus stops, see below can't
take bikes, pets or surfboards on the train replacement bus, even if you
usually take them on the train. Exceptions include folding bikes, guide
dogs, hearing dogs, Guide Dogs in training, animals with an Assistance
Animal Pass, and small animals in a suitable container.
For more information please visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007.
nt-friday-4-to-sunday-17-june> North Melbourne station evacuated, peak-hour
trains stopped over 'suspicious item' 3 May 2018 - 8:42.
A bag left beside tracks caused rail chaos for thousands of commuters on
Thursday morning. Photo: Joe Connell/Twitter.
Thousands of peak-hour commmuters were stranded after a suspicious bag left
at North Melbourne train station caused morning chaos on Melbourne's rail
While the bomb squad eventually deemed the 'suspicious item' - a bag left
near the tracks - safe, frustrated commuters were forced to find another way
to work.
During the chaos, Uber prices reportedly surged up to $68 for a
four-kilometre journey from Kensington station to the CBD.
Booking a luxury Uber Select for the same distance would have cost $140.
The app told users that fares were a lot higher due to increased demand.
Once the trains started running again, the fare returned to its usual price
of about $12.

Hurstbridge trains back on track from Friday 3 May 2018. 17 comments.
There's good news for Hurstbridge-line commuters, with trains finally
returning and the new Rosanna station opening on Friday morning, after an
extended shutdown of the line forced commuters onto buses for an extra week.
The removal of two level crossings involved lowering the train line under
Grange Road, Alphington, and building a new rail bridge over Lower Plenty
Road, Rosanna.
Chronic bottlenecks caused by a single section of track between Heidelberg
and Rosanna are set to be eased now that the track has been duplicated, and
a new tunnel under Darebin Street has been built.
The new Rosanna railway station will be open from Friday. Photo: Artist's
The return of trains follows six weeks of disruption for commuters, with
passengers informed on the eve of the Anzac Day holiday that buses would
replace trains for an extra week due to signalling complications.
The rail shutdown between Clifton Hill and Macleod was caused by
difficulties matching up new signalling equipment with infrastructure dating
back to the 1950s.
Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan announced on Thursday that plans to
resume Hurtsbridge trains on May 7 had now been brought forward a few days
to Friday, after 1000 construction staff had worked around the clock to
upgrade the line.
Ms Allan apologised for the inconvenience to commuters, but said the
government was on track to remove 20 level crossings by this year, with the
crossing removals at Alphington and Rosanna taking the count to 19.
Relief from the crush: Busiest rail lines set for a big timetable boost
"[The delays] were brought about as a result of some additional works that
needed to be done around signalling on the line," Ms Allan said.
"I would really like to thank the passengers on the Hurstbridge line for
their support and patience during this construction period."
Built-up traffic in Alphington is predicted to ease after the level crossing
removal.Photo: Jason South
An alliance of contractors including Metro Trains, Laing O'Rourke, Fulton
Hogan and Jacobs Group could be forced to pay a penalty for the delayed
works. The consortium is set to receive an estimated $435 million for its
Completing the Hurstbridge line upgrades will, in conjunction with works to
extend the South Morang line to Mernda, see an extra four peak-hour services
a day (two each way) added to the Hurstbridge line from August.
Trains will be running from dawn on Friday morning, and Rosanna station will
be open, but landscaping and extra work to fit out the station, build a new
car park and rebuild roads and paths still needs to be done.
Rosanna Traders Association vice-president Melissa Bartelt-Siladi said local
retail had suffered since the closure of the station in October.
"The pedestrian traffic in the village has been greatly reduced since the
station was torn down ... we've had less people going to and from the
station, less people buying coffee, newspapers and looking at shop windows,"
she said.
Each dot represents 20 Melburnians
This simulation shows the movement through Melbourne throughout one day, the
Melbourne Activity Based Model was developed to understand how the city will
cope with transport demands in 2031.
But Ms Bartelt-Siladi believed completion of the station would now deliver a
boost to local businesses.
"It will be wonderful when it's finished...we hope that commuters will come
back to Rosanna village and use the village shops and businesses. It will be
great to have traffic flow from the level crossing."
* Query to Age editors/ copy writers...why are you using an out-of-date/
superceded graphic in your article? This is not what the latest design of
Rosanna Station looks like. Check out this link to LXRA website
* It does seem a little facile; all that work, level-crossings gone, new
stations, duplication of the line from Rosanna to H'berg for 4 extra trains.
Am I missing something?
* I get so sick and tired of people whinging. No matter which way you look
at it this is a good thing .
* Does it include walking? 17% of weekday trips are entirely on foot
(according to Victoria Walks) but this is rarely included in such data which
helps to explain why the government is hopeless at transport planning.
* I am referring to the video simulation
* I'm guessing that the data isn't there. How do you count individual
pedestrians other than via observation?
I suppose if everyone wore a fitbit the data could be harvested, but ...
* They keep saying 4 extra peak services per day from August for the
Hurstbridge line. They said a similar thing last time the line had upgrade
work done in 2013. But nobody upstream from Eltham saw any extra services.
It was deliberate vague messaging. It will be the same this time. This has
been primarily a road building exercise. Labor are as pro road lobby and pro
development as the other lot - perhaps more so. If you seriously care about
public transport, don't vote for either major party. And MP Danielle Green -
really looking forward to your once every four-years visit to Wattle Glen to
hand out your election pamphlets at the train station. Wonder if you have
the guts to turn up this time.
* Thank goodness for that! It's been the worst seven weeks trying to
navigate alternative and greatly inferior transport options with my journey
regularly blowing out from 45 mins to 2 hours each way.
* They'll come back all right, it will lead to a regeneration of the area -
just like everywhere else that has had similar renewal. High density housing
now needs to be approved around these improved stations to maximise
whilst maintaining suburban heritage in the surroundings.
* Fantastic that it's open tomorrow, don't know where rosanna commuters will
park though
* Yes, cars still eat up train stations.
* What about cranbourne line. Why does it get so poor treatment.
* Your line just had a few crossings removed and more by June, and you're
getting new trains soon. The other lines could just look in envy.
* Because it's not in a marginal electorate. As with all Mr Andrews grade
separations, it's not to do with need, just votes.
* if you look at St Albans and (for example) it is evident that this is not
always the motivation. Cranbourne is considerably more marginal than St
* Bear in mind that a young man lost his life at this level crossing not too
long ago while trying to get to the station for a peak hour train service.
Let's not forget his family and those impacted by that tragedy. I am in
favour of
any project designed to make pedestrians and public transport users safer.
Well done to the government for funding, LXRA for managing, the workers for
delivering and most of all the commuters for their patience during some long
difficult weeks of commuting!!
Multibillion dollar submarines purchase needs minister's attention: Labor. 3
May 2018.
A Defence Department memo raising the alarm about contractor behaviour on
Australia's submarines purchase raises concerns whether Defence Industry
Minister Christopher Pyne has paid enough attention to the $50 billion
program, Labor
Opposition Defence spokesman Richard Marles said Mr Pyne should explain how
he is making sure the program is properly managed following a Fairfax Media
report revealing a leaked internal memo found the project was struggling to
control contractors.
Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne met with the Defence Department's
secretary on Thursday. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
A spokeswoman for Mr Pyne said he discussed the matter with Defence
Department secretary Greg Moriarty on Thursday morning and that mechanisms
were in place to investigate and deal with problems when they were raised in
the agency.
Mr Marles said Mr Pyne needed to "urgently move his attention from his media
profile and put it where it belongs: the $50 billion submarine purchase".
"Today's revelations in Fairfax raise serious concerns about whether the
minister pays any attention to the program once the media announcements are
finished," he said.
No need for anti-contractor drumbeat, but Defence must act on submarines
"With Defence itself raising concerns about nepotism, financial oversight
and labour hire workers being hidden as service providers, it's time the
minister stopped reading his clips and started reading up on the program."
Mr Pyne's spokeswoman said Mr Moriarty told him the matter was already being
investigated and that the "appropriate action was under way".
"In a $50 billion project, involving thousands of contractors, the central
issue is to ensure that the mechanisms are in place to make certain that
when the department is alerted to problems, they're investigated and dealt
with, as has been the case with this situation."

Government already assessing immigration plan: Tudge
Matt Johnston: Population boom requires visionary policy.
Herald Sun May 3, 2018.
ABOUT 15 years ago, the Bracks government in Victoria unveiled a major
planning strategy called Melbourne 2030. It set a framework to manage an
expected population and household boom, in a sustainable way.
The strategy's "medium" growth projection had the city hitting about 4.4
million people by 2031, while the "high" growth forecast was for about 4.7
million people. Last year, at just past the halfway point of this long-term
vision, our capital city's population reached 4.8 million.
It will hit 5 million late this year.
After Bracks, subsequent governments have created their own versions of
Melbourne 2030, with the most recent iteration called Plan Melbourne
It notes current growth is the "greatest population boom since the post-war
era" and Victoria's population will hit 10.1 million by 2050. Almost 8
million will live in the capital.
Hopefully, those projections don't pass as quickly as those in Melbourne
This week's state Budget appeared both a product and cause of rapid
population growth.
Treasurer Tim Pallas was asked about the sustainability of the state's
expansion, which he said was growing by about 150,000 people a year. In
response, he said the pace of change was mostly out of the state's control.
"We don't control the migration levels in this country," he said.
"And I am certainly not toying with any tax around natural reproduction."
Pallas's Budget locked in policies on Tuesday that have added $9.4 billion
to the bottom line in just one year.
While that level of increased public investment isn't sustainable year on
year, the government argues it is imperative for now.
A lot of people struggle to comprehend how Melbourne has remained top of the
tree in the Global Liveability Report, despite swelling to 4.8 million
people. Picture: Ian Currie
If you don't build schools, where will the kids of families who have moved
here get an education? Without extra health spending, what does our ageing
population do?
One of the politically clever plans is to make 30 TAFE courses free in areas
where skills are short.
It enables the government to argue it is getting people ready for jobs that
are coming because of the projects it's building.
And people like free stuff.
Premier Daniel Andrews was asked by ABC Mornings presenter Jon Faine the day
after his Budget was released: "Is there a vision for the future in your
government's agenda or are you running for re-election simply on the track
Dan churned out his pet slogan, saying he was "getting things done" by
building schools, hospitals and roads to provide jobs and this "sets us up
for the future".
Faine tried again, saying that building things brings in more taxes and
people and enables you to build more, and the cycle goes on, but is there a
vision beyond keeping pace with growth?
This is not an easy question to answer. Leaders who try often sound like
they're reciting lines from a political playbook, or hold something back for
fear of sounding stupid.
Most just stick to sound bites.
Hopefully in the next six months, our state political parties will outline
in more detail what this great state should look like beyond a Budget cycle.
I've said before that the concept the state Opposition tried to rally behind
early this term - a population strategy that guides major policies from
crime to roads or the environment - had potential. But it can be even harder
for an
Opposition to articulate a vision given its limited airtime.
The snarky world of social media has also made things worse.
Treasurer Tim Pallas and Premier Daniel Andrews want to tell everyone this
is a Budget 'for the 'burbs and regions'.
Pallas and Andrews want to tell everyone this is a Budget "for the 'burbs
and regions". Politically, they need to win seats in those areas to get
another four years.
So does the Coalition.
There has been a big increase in spending in those areas, where a lot of
people are acutely aware of population increases as they drive to their
relative's house or struggle to get childcare places.
Of course, a bigger population doesn't mean a worse living experience. And
compared to other major cities, we are a baby.
But growing pains are inevitable and sometimes obvious.
For this reason, a lot of people in the so-called 'burbs struggle to
comprehend how Melbourne has remained top of the tree in the Global
Liveability Report, despite swelling to 4.8 million people.
Of the other top 10 cities, none have more than 3 million people, and only
Vancouver and Toronto house more than 2 million people.
At times on Tuesday, the Treasurer gave the impression of going
helter-skelter down a hill in a go-kart, hoping the brakes don't fail.
At one stage, he talked about tapping the brakes, by "spreading the economic
activity" in Victoria.
In other words, try to control migration within the state even though you
can't control it from the outside.
A payroll tax cut for regional Victoria was one example Pallas used. Such
incentives need to get bigger and bolder as we hurtle towards 2030.

video: Shorten unveils Labor's national rail plan

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