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  Dudley Horscroft

But think what the view used to be like. From roughly where you took the photo, the earlier view was of a massive fence protecting
Victoria Dock from nefarious gentlemen, courtesy of the MHT. And behind you would have been the decaying yards of the goods
terminals back of Spencer Street Station. One entrance to the dock would have been roughly where the NAB tower is now, and then
you, after passing the constabulary guarding the dock would have had the long, long trek down a most uninspiring road to the
junction with Flinders Street extension. In the City? Not yet, another walk down Flinders Street extension to Spencer Street and
life. At least, on the way, you passed the Flying Angel and the Melbourne Mortuary.

Walk a bit further and you arrived at the Pieteria - welcome venue where one could consume Australia's national dish - before the
advent of the Pizza Parlour!


Dudley Horscroft
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> On 15/05/2018 6:57 AM, Prescott wrote:

>> It's looks like you have a bit of modern Sydney grafted on to the west

>> end of the Melbourne CBD there Mal! That'll save you a trip north ;)


> That comparison did occur to me Tony, but I didn't want to upset the

> denizens of Australia's biggest city.


> I should also admit that the (attached) view over "Victoria Harbour",

> while being pretty good by Docklands standards, is not quite up to

> Sydney Harbour!


> Mal Rowe - pleasec to have a tram in the view for Melbourne's little

> harbour.


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