Interesting sighting on the way to the TDU gathering
  Mal Rowe

6029 has been mentioned in several forums in regard to its appearance
following an accident repair after a car ahead collision in July last
year. Richard Youl has posted a pic of one end.

First pic shows one end - with the standard E1 type front.

Second pic shows the other end a few seconds later - an E2 style cab has
been fitted.

Tony Galloway speculated on the possibility of an E2 cab being fitted
soon after the accident was reported, he was spot on.

Mal Rowe - expecting that the improved E2 cab will be the standard for
other acident repairs in future.

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6029 StVincentsPlaza 15Feb2018-1  |  1575W x 1050H  | 442.99 KB |  Photo details
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6029 StVincentsPlaza 15Feb2018-2  |  1562W x 1050H  | 303.24 KB |  Photo details