Sydney's New A sets.
  Jones, Richard

Hi all

For anyone interested in the new Sydney A set (Waratah) trains, today set A3 is working Run 674, A4 on Run 676 and A6 on Run 680, with the newest set, A7 on a RGR (Reliability Growth Run) Run 636.

It is anticipated that A7 will be accepted by RailCorp by the end of this week.

Now is the time to be taking photos of the S sets and particularly the 6 car R sets which will be gradually become 8 car S sets.

Photo of A5 on 18 October on Run 680C and Set S10, the experimental (but not particularly successful) first all double deck back in June 1969.



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A5 Run 680C 18 Oct 11 RJ PA180427  |  1296W x 972H  | 271.66 KB |  Photo details
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6906M5.32.116  |  1024W x 768H  | 199.93 KB |