Re: W1.472 (Vic., from Russell via Jeff)
  Roderick Smith

Something I didn't observe while scanning: there are no tracks continuing
along Spencer St to the river bridge.

Electrification Spencer St at Lonsdale St to Flinders St at Swanston St was
July 1927.
According to timeline: tracks were placed in the rebuilt Spencer St bridge
in 1929, but the Spencer St - Clarendon St route wasn't opened until 1937.
That was a new build, not a rebuilt, and caused a cutback in shipping
ability. IIRC it is the most restrictive of the Yarra bridges for boats.
According to Wikipedia, the bridge was completed in 1930, not 1929.

Flinders St into Spencer St: W1.472 turning in front of the fish market.
c1932. (Russell Jones collection, via Jeff Bounds)

Roderick B Smith
Rail News Victoria Editor