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G'day Steve (Kiwi) & TDUers,
Malcolms character from the movie Malcolm was fashioned from the legendary Norm
Norm worked at the workshops for many a year....40 plus, he started as an
He worked with Directors Nadia Tass and David Parker advising on the script..

I've just finished working on a social history study on the Preston Workshops
for the City of Darebin & Heritage Victoria. As a part of this we we're back in
The Workshops in late February for interviews with workshops greats like Bennie
Commandeur and an interview with Norm Cross at his residence.

Many changes at the Preston Workshops...remembering that the workshops almost
became a Kennet land grab in the late 90s. (I spent a fair bit of time on the
Save Preston W/Shops campaign back then) things are now looking on the up. Once
the Ventura Buses are taken out of the old Foundry (buses there due to the Nth
Fitzroy Depot upgrade) it's said that the 'Plate Shop' will be demolished to
start on the new Super Depot and the general upgrade required to maintain all

Norm is still writing books.
Steve : You may be interested in Norm's most recent book.
AROUND THE TRACKS : An Autobiography of a Rail Worker and Enthusiast.
Plenty of great yarns on life in the Preston Workshops and beyond.

Norm has also just written a draft on the history of W Class Trams.
He was telling me on Monday that he needs to find a publisher to get it up and


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Subject: [TramsDownUnder] Malcolm Movie - where was getaway scene filmed?

Hi all, long-time lurker, almost-never poster but I always enjoy the banter and

I relocated to Melbourne just over a year ago from Wellington and have (mostly)
enjoyed learning my way around Melbourne and particularly where the various Tram
routes are. Fortunately my job gets me out and about all over the place and I've
managed to drive a fair chunk of the network in my day to day travels.

Anyway, following the recent tip (thanks Mal) I purchased an updated DVD version
of Malcolm from Fishpond as my VHS version is packed away back home. It was
wonderful to watch it again.

I have a question that is puzzling me about the scene at the very end where they
make their getaway (for anyone who has not seen it, it's at almost exactly 2:00
minutes in this trailer for the movie....

According to information on this film info site,
(, the getaway scene was filmed on
Miller St near the Preston Workshops. A few months back I actually came upon
the workshops quite by accident on my way to a job and it was like finding
Nirvana. Wish I could have got in to have a good look around (do they ever have
open days?). Very reminiscent of the Newtown (NZ) workshops I frequented as a
child after Wellington's closure.

I digress, back to my question - in the getaway scene, they leave the road which
curves away to the left and continue onto a single line track but I can't find
this location. Is this the same section which is now double-line track arched
over the railway line or was it filmed somewhere else?

Thanks in advance, I'm sure there's a simple explanation.


Steve Cook - (Kiwi in Exile)