Essendon Depot outside tracks
  Mal Rowe

The outside tracks at Essendon depot are being re-layed as I type.

The fan for the shed roads was relayed in early 2007; now it's the turn
of the outside roads.

Essendon Depot has 24 roads - 18 in the three sheds and 6 outside on the
North side of the depot (where the Power House once stood).
The Depot is not very deep, with the outside roads only takimg 2 B cars
There's a view on Nearmap at:,144.931552&z=19&t=k&nmd=20110406

Outside roads 18 and 19 have been out of use for several years, with the
space used for employee parking.

It looks like the new layout will return to 6 outside roads but closer
spaced so that there is still parking space available.
The poles in the street that were the subject of my little quiz a short
time ago will be gone soon, replaced by new poles within the depot boundary.

Mal Rowe in Essendon

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