Re: Photos of Madrid tram at Preston
  Ian Green

I arrived at PW shortly after 1300, the first two module sections were about to be rolled off the semi onto the loading dock, the remaining three modules were on another semi parked close by. The tram is in full ML metro Ligero livery, red, blue and white in colour and numbered 167. Each cab module had a white placard attached which read "Government of South Australia", further along one window on each was stenciled "Coming soon to Adelaide". An Alstom data sheet was also attached to each side plus a Transdev Tsl placard.
The unloading was complete by 1425, a small tractor towed the sections into the rearmost (east end) shed via the traverser. The pic of the day was when the three modules were towed right past H 368 offering an excellent comparison between old and new!
I have numerous pics to share, here's the first two:

Unloading the first two modules:

Three modules on semi:

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