Re: Re: Qld - Gold Coast
  Graham Lees

I have to admit I agree on this.

Gold Coast people are more conservative than most and will not give up
their precious 4-wheel drive vehicles without a huge incentive (like
free travel).

Then again, most of them are ancient ex-Melbournites anyway! :-)

As for an arc from Perth to Darwin, leave Perth out. Mr Barnet will not,
under any circumstances, spend money on any public transport that is not
already committed. He has made that abundantly clear. He even intends
cutting some services. You cannot embarrass him!

But Mayor of Perth, Lisa Scaffidi and Mayor of Freo, John Tagliaferi are
a different kettle of fish and would love an efficient service through
their respective cities.



Matthew Geier wrote:


> Tony Bailey wrote:

> >

> >

> > Chas,

> >

> > There's a whole heap of people in a great arc stretching from Perth

> to Darwin (the long way) who are going to be embarrassed when this

> project succeeds.

> >

> >


> Why assume it will succeed ?


> There's still plenty of scope for screwing it up - and at this point it

> could still revert to a 'BRT' or even just a few express buses.

> When there are rails on the ground and railcars in the depot, then

> start to be optimistic - and even then it remains to be seen if the

> car-dependant Gold Coastians will be lured out of their cars. They could

> end up with this great bit of kit that runs well, but virtually no one

> uses.


> Success is when they have to order more railcars to cope with the

> loading offered. :-)