Re: Emailing: Picture 059
  Graham Lees

Thanks for putting up that photo of the last remaining functioning tram
system in South America.

There is a DVD available of this tram system, advertised on the end of
the Sydney Trams Today DVD. In the clip, there is a beautiful shot of
one of the trams crossing a white, two-tiered, arched bridge. I wouldn't
mind getting hold of a picture of this bridge and tram and unless a TDU
member has one, will resort to pulling a still off the DVD.



Dave Menzies wrote:


> Santa Teresa Tramway. Rio.

> Hi.

> There have been paintings of this wonderful line on TDU.

> Here is a slide of mine showing car 16 at the city terminal in Rio on

> 30th March 1976.

> Dave Menzies.

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