Re: Melbourne Open House 2009 & Yarra cruise
  Mal Rowe

> Roderick B Smith rodsmith@...> wrote:


> There has been discussion of Donkey Wheel House as M&MTB's head office.

> The street address for M&MTB was 616 Little Collins St, or was that the

> rear entry to the same building?

> See

Hi Rod,

The Bourke St building was the MT&O Co office and was also occupied by the M&MTB after they took over operations.
It's visible in John Wayman's pic at:

The building immediately behind it (above the remains of the Savoy hotel in John's pic) is 616 Little Collins St - which was the M&MTB office in my time. I suspect it may have been built in the 'back yard' of the MT&O Co office. I don't know if the M&MTB ever occupied both buildings simultaneously.

616 Little Collins St is now apartments with signage ("Grandcity Apartments") in the art-deco style of the sign that once marked the MMTB frontage. It had (may still have) a motor car sized lift that gave access to a basement carpark from Godfrey St (a lane parallel to Spencer St).

Mal Rowe in AU