tram archives

Royal Park (Zoo) Horse Tramway
Opened 10/3/1890
Ceased 5/11/1923

Kew Cemetery - Victoria Bridge Horse Tramway
Opened 28/12/1887
Ceased 1/11/1914

Hawthorn Bridge - Power St Horse Tramway
Opened 27/1/1890
Ceased 31/1/1916

First Electric Tramway - Box Hill to Doncaster
Opened 14/10/1889
Closed 6/1/1896
From 1894 to 1896 this Tramway was leased to a Mr Hilton for a weekly
rental of 1/-.
Box Hill Post Office via Station St & private properties to Corner
Doncaster & Williamsons Rds Doncaster.
Engine House at Bushy Creek near Wimmera St Box Hill

Clifton Hill Cable Tramway (Bourke St)
Opened 10/8/1887
Closed at 9pm on 26/10/1940

September 12
At 12:20pm First train departed Flinders St Stn to Sandridge (now
Port Melbourne)