New Features on Friends of Hawthorn Tram Depot Website
  Mal Rowe

The Friends of Hawthorn Tram Depot Website at:
has been upgraded to include an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news
feed. Subscribers to the news feed will receive notification of new
content added to the FOHTD website without having to access the site,
saving you valuable surfing time.

More information on how to subscribe to the RSS feed can be found at

In addition, two new articles have been added to the website – a history
of the Prahran & Malvern Tramways Trust, and a short paper on militant
tramways union leader Clarrie O’Shea.

Also, don’t forget the lecture on Melbourne’s cable trams and social
evening scheduled for 5 pm on Saturday 13 December 2008 at Hawthorn
Depot. More information on this event is available at

.... posted on behalf of FOTHD by
Mal Rowe (one of the friends of Hawthorn depot)