tram archives

December 2

Dandenong Rd bus line Closed
Church St : Richmond - South Yarra Horse bus line Closed

1924 (About) Motor Omnibus Act 1924 passed preventing wasteful &
unnecessary competion by motor buses along tram routes.
Extension for 35 trams Coburg Depot Completed.
12 Electric bogie trams Completed (229 - 241)
12ft driving wheels replaced by 14ft ones at Nicholson St Power House
to increase speed from 11 to 13 mph
Church St bridge completed - Tramways Board contributed 19% of cost
16,624 pounds paid to June 30 1924
Sub Station at Carlton - Ascot Vale & Camberwell Completed
Site aquired in Victoria Pde next to Fitzroy Cable Power House for
new Head Office

Wallen Rd bridge weakened by flood waters

Railways Stop-work 4 hours

Duplication of track between Crozier & Harding Sts East Coburg with Y