Re: St Kilda, November 30 for me
  Graham Jordan

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> G'day,


> I have posted my photos on another site, just need to follow the

> link. I am 409 on the other board and you will also see a number of

> other photos from other members on there.




> I personally had a fantastic day although I was pretty knackered

> I got back. We forgot to pack a stool with the model layout which

> normally used when we were running it in before the day so we were

> standing pretty much all day. We had a lot of members from AMRO

> up though so we could maintain a fairly good rotation. We did have

> some operational issues with the layout that will need to be

> addressed before we do turn up again so everything can run

> One of our sets of points on the mainline was connected up properly

> so it was dead meaning that we were limited to little other then

> Flexitys on the outer loop. For our group, this has been a learning

> curve and we will use our mistakes to improve ourselves later on.


> I am still amazed at the repsonse that the layout received from

> general visitors as well as museum member which was simply beyond

> expectations. We shall return in March.


> Cheers, adelaide_h_class.

What a great day. Good friends, good food and do not forget a good
subject to enjoy all day (and into the night)long.

Well done to the AETM. Look forward to the return event in march for
100 years of trams.