Re: Re: News - Sydney came within minutes of a rail disaster this morning
  The Inspector

Matthew Geier wrote:

>So if a bus driver has to get off to deploy a wheel chair ramp and help
that passenger on board, they have to 'lock down' before doing so ? Or
doesn't that count as 'leaving' the bus ?<

I dont know how they get around that and that goes for helping elderly/
frail or those with prams on & off a bus. I mean the rule is good and
bad, good in that it means that the driver is always on the bus in
charge of the vehicle but bad that it doesnt realy help for customer

What will happen to a driver doing the right thing helping a passenger
if something goes wrong?

However this shouldnt occur as the bus should be fully secured (park
break) and not shut down, if park break is on the driver should be
allowed to get out of their sat to help out a passenger.

As for the rule, its just one of those over the top things that the MoT
have come up with as someone in the office had nothing better to do.

I see bus/ coach drivers outside of their secured bus on a regular
basis, I'd hate to see the MoT get tough and go rampant on enforcing
this rule.

Scott M