Re: Melbourne Tram Depot & Link Development
  Mal Rowe

> Chris Gordon c.list@...> wrote:

> Track Links is new track to give connection from the Preston Depot

> (workshops site) to routes 96 (Nicholson Street) and routes 1/8 (Lygon

> Street). There are four options.

> Option A - Link down Arthurton and Blyth Streets from St. Georges Road

> to Lygon Street.

> Option C - Holden Street and Brunswick Road from St.Georges Road to

> Lygon Street.

> Option D - Park Street (next to old Inner Circle train line) from

> St.Georges Road to Lygon Street.


> Option B is a combination of A and C, ie Arthurton/Blyth Streets from

> St.Georges Road to Nicholson Street, and Brunswick Road from Nicholson

> Street to Lygon Street.

Thanks for this Chris - fascinating!

The prospect of the Holden St - Brunswick Rd track being re-instated is remarkable.

The terminus for East Brunswick is problematic for either option:

A terminus North of the existing East Brunswick terminus in the narrow bit of Nicholson St North of Blythe St is a bit hard to believe - would require property resumption I would think.
It would however mean that trams would pass the radio station there (3RRR) instead of terminating in front! :-)

A terminus in St Georges Rd would be over the old water main - something that has never been acceptable before. The two existing crossings of the plantation are on 'buried bridges' to avoid any limit to access or strain upon the water main beneath the plantation.

Mal Rowe in AU