Maribyrnong River
  Mal Rowe

When the Maribyrnong River line was extended to west maribyrnong to
serve the munitions factories in WWII it was carried across the river on
a timber trestle bridge. The road ran on a separate bridge just North
and on an angle (to make the bridge as short as possible).

When the time came to build a new road bridge (in the mid a960s) it was
to follow the tram alignment.

Here's a pic showing VR car 53 on the old tramway bridge with the new
combined bridge being built beside it.

The old road bridge is in the background.

(For locals ... the road now serving the Anglers Hotel is the original
road to the West end of the old road bridge.)

The driver of 53 is going to end up with a stiff neck at the end of his
shift ... he's leaning over and tilting his head to the side to look
around the central glazing bar in the windscreen.
Mal Rowe in Melbourne

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