Re: Re: WAGT Plan Folio
  Steve Ohlsen

Quickly paddling through the book, for Victoria, Mal, the 2 F class,the 2 K scrubber cars, the 2 X birney cars, that Y class looking bit lonely, poor old 469 was forgotten.
N. S. the low end had the pr class with one, the prison car and
with 2 is both the h and m types of course the O cars with 626 members would have to have the highest of any tram group in Aust.

Mal Rowe brill21e@...> wrote:
nswtramways1111 wrote:

> For each Australasian system what was the smallest and largest number

> of trams of a particular class?

Hi Greg,

I'll jump in here.

For Melbourne the single example cars were the two different PCC types -
980 and 1041. I think the (old) D class may also have had only one car.

Running a close second are the B1s with only two cars, and one currently
in service.
I've attached a recent pic ... of the "class leader"

The big numbers were, of course, the W2s with 406 cars.
Mal Rowe in Melbourne