Potentially valuable ticket - probably a fair bit OT
  Kevin Sewell

First let me preface this with the up-front statement that I have not seen
it and I am only going on a conversation so I don't take it as gospel (and
neither should you) but it is, apparently, a genuine enquiry and prima facie
a genuine article.

The other day the subject of trains came up, and I was asked firstly what
would be the worth of a train ticket that a work colleague has in his
possession. And secondly where one might go to seek valuation and possible
sale. You guys are more likely to have a better idea that I would, so I am
open to your suggestions.
The thing which would probably make this one rather valuable is that it is a
1854 ticket from Melbourne and it comes in an (apparently) original leather
folder which I take it looks a little bit like a modern business card
holder. It is printed on what has been described as thick paper (probably
ruling out it being of the Edmondson species) and copperplate hand written
passenger details. He didn't say that it was first day of service or
anything like that, and I suspect that is more likely to be because it is
not rather than that he didn't know its history or provenance. Similarly the
date may also be approximate as he originally thought (in that idle
conversation) that it was 1853. When I explained to him the reasons that
would be impossible he said "about" that date. He obviously realises its
historic value and has kept it carefully and in good condition, but has no
idea what it is worth.

Lets just assume for the moment that it is genuine (as I said, I haven't
seen it) what would it be likely to be worth? And would someone like a coin
dealer be likely to be interested in it?