Re: Tram Signal Boxes
  Bill Bolton

On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 14:37:12 +1000, Gail wrote:

> Did tramway signal boxes operate on the same principle as railway signal

> boxes...accept, home, starting signal, etc.?

The NSW ones didn't. They controlled junctions through what were
effectively interlocked shunt signals. AFAIK, the other Australian
systems that used signal boxes employed basically the same approach.

> Did they employ a safeworking system akin to the railways?

Mostly no.

NSW did use railway a "staff and ticket" safeworking system on most
single line sections, and some points did Annett style key point locks

> Did they have a control system?

In NSW the tramway signal boxes were, in later days, on the telephone
and so some degree of coordination was possible, though would have
only been used in for traffic control purposes in more exceptional
circumstances. such as major traffic disruptions.



Bill Bolton
Sydney, Australia