Re: The year is 1971 - the end in Ballarat is nigh 2
  Mal Rowe

espee8800 wrote:
> A view of cars in the City Loop waiting to take up running. It (to me)

> was rare for these to be bogie cars, I only seem to remember four-wheel

> cars in this loop. This was 5-9-1971 which was the last day of Mount

> Pleasant and Victoria Street???? Hence the bogie cars for the

> anticipated loads.

Thanks for these David - nice pics ... and nice to have them in such a
large size!

What do other members think of pics this big? I know they can be a bit
of an issue for those with slow internet, but I just reckon a pic that
fills the screen is great!
(My screen is 1400x1050)

BTW the City Loop pic will be in the TDU archives at:

Mal Rowe in Melbourne