A third Melbourne Flexity and some other things
  Bill D

Hi everyone,

I was told by a TA staffer today that another Flexity has been
delivered in Melbourne (should be #109).

Our local guru in shipping matters believed it to be onboard the
Höegh Asia which should have docked last Friday Night but there is
some uncertainty whether the Flexity was actually loaded as expected.

If it is handled like the last two it would be at Bombardier's
Dandenong facility where it will undergo pre-delivery before coming
to Adelaide by road.

All of our Flexitys (7) are now in service and I've gone many days
without seeing an H set in service. Recently I've noted 367/380 a
couple of times but they are very thin on the ground now.

A week or so ago I received a copy of a Trans Adelaide work notice
suggesting heavy machinery/noise etc in the early hours of Friday
morning near stop 18. Of course I couldn't keep away! A truck
delivered a length of new rail (4 or 5 metres long) and before I had
to get some sleep I watched the workers oxy-cut through the Southern
most rail of the down. The rail made quite a twang as the cut let go.
I thought that it was interesting that they were replacing a section
of track when the system is only about a year old but a lot of the
rail was re-used and maybe a defect got past the inspecors.

Another TA contact told me recently that work on the extension is now
not expected to get fully underway until April. This topic continues
to provoke vigorous debate.

The Flexitys continue to he hampered by the speed restrictions which
are in place at each set of points. There were rumours that work was
to commence on these back at Easter time but nothing came of this.

Bill D