Re: Petition in Adelaide to stop Glenelg linr extension.


> Peter

> I'm just off a plane from San Francisco where I have enjoyed a

week of
> riding SF's "trams" While we were there we met an Adelaide couple

> vehement opposition to the Glenelg extension quite set me back a

pace. They
> were furious that the government would even consider it. Waste of

> money, will cause gridlock, etc,etc. It seems to me that someone

in Adelaide
> is doing a very good PR job on killing the Glenelg extension.

> Ken Howard


Hi All,

To put South Australian transport into perspective, Down in Mt
Gambier which once had a thriving railway station, yard etc with
mainlines to Adelaide and Victoria and a branch, now all closed
since the Melb-Adelaide line was standard gauged (all in mothballs
with a tourist run over a small portion of it). Time and again,
various parties have tried to re-instate and regauge the lines,
always shot down by the biggest road transport group based there,
Scott's Transport, the owner who also owns the local paper
(poisoning the public about evil trains) lost a semi the other day
which he refused to print in his paper, even though it was a huge
chemical spill and blocked the hihway for hours. This same creep
just got recognised in the Queens Birthday honours for his
contribution to transport and the community. How on earth does rail
of any sort in SA (what's left of it) stand a chance????

End of Bitch session.