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> Article in the "Sunday Mail", Adelaide, 14 August 2005:


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> End of the line so put in an offer


> Royalty, sports heroes and state premiers have ridden in these

> Icons. But now they'll be sold for the price of a cheap used car.


> Sixteen trams built in 1929 and representing a slice of Adelaide's

> history are being sold by tender next month as part of a

> multimillion-dollar fleet upgrade.


> They will be replaced with nine green, airconditioned, German-

> trams at a total cost of $47 million


> It is estimated each of the original trams has carried two million

> passengers a year over the past quarter-century.


> "During that time it's a good chance that they have carried Sir

> Bradman, Dame Roma Mitchell, numerous state premiers and even

> TransAdelaide spokesman Bill Watson said


> "We expect the price to be in the low thousands, somewhere between

> and $10,000"


> Of the 16 trams for sale, 10 are being retired from the existing

> City-Bay fleet, five sold from storage and one formerly operated

as a
> restaurant. Buyers are expected to include tram buffs, community

> tourism bodies, and museums from around the country.


> "Some may be set-up as exhibitions, others may be set be converted

> accommodation, and maybe a collector will simply buy one to put in

> shed," Mr. Watson said.


> The trams will be sold to the highest bidder by tender next

month. "The
> highest bids will win the tenders, but offers by non-profit

> organisations will be judged by a different criteria - that is

they may
> be able to get the trams a bit cheaper," Mr. Watson said.


> However, SA's Australian Electric Transport Museum, based at St.

> hopes to be given the former restaurant car.


> "We take the view we have got trams and tram parts from Melbourne

> free in the past and hope the same will happen with the Adelaide

> museum president Colin Seymour said.


> "And I hope at least half of those disposed of go to Australian

> because they will be kept in running order."


> End Transcript.

What is going to happen to 351? This tram is the first H & should
be kept as a heritage vehicle.
I have a photo in my collection of this car at Bowden on the
Cheltenham Line.


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