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  Brian Blunt

The 96 is in effect two routes together. I wonder if there is a breakdown between the two halves to compare with L3? I presume that people who travel between Moore Park and CQ get divided equally between the two routes?

Brian [email protected]
On 10 Jul 2024, at 22:27, TP historyworks@...> wrote:

Figures are out for the 2023-24 financial year for Sydney's trams.
Total patronage was
40,596,335, I believe already about one quarter of Melbourne's tram patronage.
Of this total, L1 Inner West was
7,761,754, still well below the pre covid, pre CAF-disaster figure of over 10 million. As time goes on, this lack of recovery becomes a bit concerning. Why?
L2 Randwick was
L3 to Kingsford was
17,235,276, which must be reaching a position where it will knock off Melbourne's 96 as Australia's busiest tram route.
Wait till we get to add Parramatta to the total!
Tony P


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