RE: TAN: Tram and light rail gradients in Sydney.

The counterweight section down to Darling Street Wharf is shown in the Tramway Gradients Diagram Book as being 1:8.2, although it is difficult to read after the decimal point. All I recollect now the descent was that it was difficult to walk up, even as a young teenager!


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Australian Tramway Conference - Brisbane August 1930

Information supplied by respective managements on maximum grades on systems.

Adelaide 1 in 20

Brisbane 2 chains of 1 in 8-1/2

Geelong 1 in 10

Hobart 1 in 10

Launceston 1 in 10

Melbourne 1 in 12

Perth 1 in 14

Sydney 1 in 9.4 ( 1-1/2 chains)

Robert Thomson

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Are you sure John?

My contender is for a short stretch just before and after the northbound route 72 stop in Burke Road at Middle Road.


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the steepest gradient on the Melbourne tram network is at Sussex Street stop in Surrey Hills on Riversdale Road on the Wattle Park line. It is closer to 1 in 8 (the gradient of the pedestrian ramps at Flinders Street Station). Other slopes on Riversdale Road also are steeper than 1 in 12. This is why the M&MTB used this line for driver training.

Cheers John Wayman.

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