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My Tramway Gradients Diagram Book on p.29 indicates the gradient as being 1:12 (downhill), with a catchpoint immediately before the junction point for the two tracks. The return grade uphill in Phillip Street is shown to commence as 1:13, ease slightly, then steepen to 1:12 just before the in and out tracks rejoin, and continues to climb until Hunter Street was reached.

It would appear from the first of the two images that the car has split the junction point with each bogie attempting a different track.


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On 09/07/2024 15:25, Martin Pinches wrote:

Have located the other photo from Vic Solomon's collection. Probably from the 1940s. Appears that there are two other trams on the northern side. One is a C Breakdown Car. This photo shows even more how steep Young Street is.

I have attached the evidence - and a bit of detail from another high quality pic.

It looks like the crew (and the crowd) have noted the presence of the photographer an hope to be in the newspaper tomorrow!

Mal Rowe - noticing the lack of an 'exclusion zone' from the incident