RE: TAN: Tram and light rail gradients in Sydney.
  Geoff Olsen


That curve/grade combination looks like it could provide a challenge in poor weather conditions particularly. Do the cars currently operating in Melbourne ever have problems negotiating it?

Geoff Olsen – who has had experience with the ramps to Railway Colonnade in Sydney.

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Doubtless discussed previously, but what were the steepest adhesion-only grades on the former Sydney tramway system

No-one asked about Melbourne, and I don't think there is an equivalent grades book for Melbourne.

However, my guess is that the steepest grade in Melbourne is in Gertrude St Fitzroy near the corner of Smith St at 1 in 12.

Image attached.

This curve and grade was one that required a 'pull curve' for the inbound cable trams.

Mal Rowe - who may be able to confirm that by examining the drawings for the tramway in 1955.