Re: Franchisee management decisions [Was: L1 Dulwich Hill Line full and partial closures due to maintenance]

I don't think TfNSW has the tram competency of PTV. It was TfNSW that chose
the CAFs, not the operator. The Citadis came with the Altrac consortium.

Still hoping that some pearls of wisdom might flow up from Melbourne.

Tony P

On Sunday 7 July 2024 at 15:58:13 UTC+10 Mal Rowe wrote:

> On 07/07/2024 12:45, TP wrote:

> > On the other hand, Transdev might dictate that Melbourne do things the

> > "modern" Sydney way!

> >

> Melbourne learnt that lesson after the first round of franchised

> operation when the two operators chose two different types of low floor

> trams - neither of which was appropriate for Melbourne.


> The operators are now just operators - with DoT making strategic decisions.


> There is also a residual level of competence that has influence on

> techniques for operation and maintenance.


> Mal Rowe - hoping that the G class trams are as successful as the Es

> have been