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My mother went on a cruise to Hawaii about 60 years ago. Knowing my interests, she went to the transport department office and came out with an envelope full of brochures and prints of trams like this. A lot of my collection was destroyed by a fire in my apt block 25 years ago.

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Thanks Dale - and Tony & Mark,
I did a bit more  searching and found that the pic is one of many from a collection - so the WBG connection is an attractive idea, but probably not the case.
Tony: thanks for the Canberra link - good reading.
Mal Rowe - given to occasional speculation.
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Mal and all,


The Australian Museum is in College Street, Sydney. The institution in Canberra is the National Museum of Australia.


Dale Budd


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I'm planning to visit the Australian Museum in Canberra tomorrow so searched their collection for 'tram'!


The attached pic came up.


A bit of Googling suggests that the tram is one of those operated by the  Honolulu Rapid Transit & Land Co. (HRT&L) Limited.


No idea why it is the collection.



Mal Rowe - AU

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