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Thurs.18.4.24 Metro X
Frankston line: Trains will not stop at Parkdale until mid 2024 (level-crossing removal work). Shuttle buses will operate Mentone - Parkdale - Mordialloc, connecting with trains. No access to station facilities or platforms during this time.
8.57 Craigieburn line: Major delays (an equipment fault in the Newmarket area). Trains may be altered, or terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- 10.17 Minor and clearing.
15.23 Lilydale line: Major delays (an equipment fault in the Ringwood – Mooroolbark area). Trains may be altered or cancelled.
- 15.43 clearing.
17.43 What’s happening in the city loop? The Mernda line is stopped before southern cross and I can see other trains all stopped too.
- 17.47 Can someone advise what is happening at Southern Cross platform 14? The Werribee train is not moving & have been waiting for 10min.
- 17.49 Werribee, Williamstown, Sunbury, Craigieburn, Upfield lines: Delays up to 15 min through North Melbourne (an equipment fault).  Trains may be altered.
- 17.51 Why are all the trains stopped before Southern Cross? Mernda and at least two others are stopped before southern cross. These aren’t going through north Melbourne
- 17.51 Is this affecting all traffic into Southern Cross too? I'm on a Flinders St to Hurstbridge and we're stopped the last ~10 min, no info from driver
- 17.51 why is the Lilydale line impacted? Can we please get an update asap so we can make plans accordingly
- 17.52 Greensborough just left Southern Cross.
- 17.53 I’m stuck at Ascot Vale, outbound from city. Not sure why we are here if issue is at north Melb?
- 18.00 Unfortunately, the train I was on (to Craigieburn, close to North Melbourne) experienced a power system failure and now it's unable to move.
- 18.05 If the delay is only 15 minutes why have I been stuck for over 30? Screw youse
- 18.06 “Up to 15 minutes my ass!” Been sanding here for half an hour, and we’re PAST North Melbourne, outbound!! Why the hell are you making trains that aren’t affected by the equipment falling down, sit here baking in a damned oven?? More replies
- 18.13 Werribee behind a bunch of delayed trains again.
- 18.15 Update on Werribee line out of the city please, we’ve been sitting at South Kensington for ages, no announcement
- 18.18 I am in the metro, that supposed to depart at 5.35pm from Flinders towards Werribee, departed around 6pm and still stuck at South Kensington…
- 18.22 Sunbury/Craigieburn/Upfield lines: Major delays (an equipment fault in the North Melbourne area:.  Trains may run direct to/from Flinders St. Trains may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- 18.41 consider local alternative transport.
- 19.06 clearing.
- offer their apologies for the inconvenience so we’re all good right.
- Update on Werribee line please heading to Altona.
- This is beyond a joke now. Every night this week. When is the State Govt going to step in and make Metro fix this?   what is going on?
- Just drive your cars people wow
- Why does the Craigieburn line exist? Never works
- an abomination of service. Continual disruptions, sh#t Infrastructure. Bloody rip off.
- Way past 15 minutes now. Half an hour already. werribee train terminates at New port.
- I was waiting on the platform at North Melb when there was a series of very large bangs & sparks coming from a train pulling in. No fire - although Fire Brigade is in attendance. Taking all precautions … it’s appreciated, if inconvenient.
- I was on the train that experienced the initial fault and that then led to broader delays. Kudos to the metro trains staff & emergency services for managing a difficult situation. Kudos to the passengers for keeping cool heads.
- Yeah sure.  It's because it's raining? Such a pathetic 'service'.
18.00 Upfield line: Buses to replace trains between North Melbourne and Coburg (an overhead-power fault).  Replacement buses ordered, but will take over 60 min to arrive
- 18.40 buses are in operation, adding 45 min.
- 18.55 Trains are resuming. First trains: 18.32 ex Flinders St; 18.34 ex Upfield.
18.18 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Major delays (an overhead-power fault).  Trains may be altered or cancelled.
- 18.36 would be nice if trains didn’t randomly change their destination whilst on them! absolutely garbage communication as usual.
- 18.57 Why are you constantly changing the destination? Every time I get on a train supposed to be Pakenham line then change to others. And still stuck at Flinders St.
18.19 Werribee/Williamstown/Frankston lines: Major delays (an overhead power fault).  Trains may be altered or cancelled.
18.20 Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein/Glen Waverley lines: Major delays due (an overhead-power fault).  Trains may be altered or cancelled.
- 18.39 Information that would have been helpful an hour ago when the issue began.
- 19.07 clearing.
- Was the fault at Flinders St or Southern Cross?
18.43 Mernda/Hurstbridge lines: Major delays clearing after an overhead-power fault.  Trains may be altered or cancelled.
Buses replace trains Ringwood - Lilydale from 20.30 until the last train (works).  https://tinyurl.com/vzf836je
21.29 Pakenham / Cranbourne lines: Major delays (police at South Yarra).  Trains may be altered.
- 21.48 Serious question, can we please get some kind of update? Carriage 9763 @ Flinders Platform 7 for 20 mins. Any communication would be helpful.
- 22.04 clearing.
- How are the Frankston-bound trains not impacted by this?
- Frankston and Pakenham/Cranbourne lines are completely separate from Richmond outbound so they're not impacted.
- They all travel through South Yarra - I didn’t ask about Richmond (which they also travel through) Perhaps clarification moving forward?
- While both lines go from Richmond to Caulfield, there's no physical track connection after Richmond, hence the alert was only for the Pakenham & Cranbourne lines.
- You need to tell the staff at Southern Cross trains on platform 12 are not moving
21.30 Lilydale/Belgrave/Alamein lines: Major delays (police near Hawthorn).  Trains may be altered.


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