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  Brian Blunt

The Libs in NSW certainly weren’t anti rail. Three metros started, three LR lines, 
Brian [email protected]
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Thanks Mal,


Without getting too political, what is it about the Libs in any place being so anti rail – whether it be light or heavy.


Obviously the benefits can be seen, the pax capacity, and if done correctly, the advantages over the rubber tyred conveyances.


As a feeder service to Heavy or Light Rail, I see and appreciate their worth. But until I know that one artic tram, or many car train, is NOT proven to be so much more economical to carry the same number of pax as many buses which take up much road space, the anti-rail brigade will never get my vote.


They didn’t back in ’83 when the change of Govt here (WA) got the Fremantle line up and running again, and they’ve never had it since.

So many broken promises around public transport.


End of rant.


Bob in Perth


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Hi Bob,


My experience was a couple of short trips in the middle of a week day - so hardly definitive.

The trams had most seats occupied and some passengers who were happy to stand - not something that you could say about most bus travel!


A short extension to the lakeside is already under construction.




The light rail was a condition for the support of the Greens in forming a Labor lead government here.


Mal Rowe - not expecting the coalition to gain power in their own right any time soon.



On Thu, Apr 18, 2024 at 7:30 PM Bob Pearce probert@...> wrote:

Gday Mal,

What is the patronage like?

I have read that the opposition – if elected – are going to stop the extensions.


I wonder if the pax levels justify the system, or its expansion?


Bob in Perth


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I am impressed.


Canberra seems to me to encapsulate everything that a light rail system should be.


The service is fast and smooth with priority at traffic lights and complete track segregation.  Even when the track swings over to the side of the road for depot access it is under traffic light control with priority.


There was no sign of rough ride or wheel squeal on curves.  It seems that fixed truck trams can work if the track geometry is designed for them.

Speed and acceleration was good - with the trams running just below the local speed limits of either 60 or 70 km/h  as measured with my mobile phone app.


Here are a couple of pics - both in Flemington Rd.  The overhead structure is not overdone.  Ignore the apparent sharp curves - that's due to me using a telephoto lens.


Mal Rowe - who has a bit more respect for CAF design in the right setting.


On Wed, Apr 17, 2024 at 10:19 PM Malcolm Rowe mal.rowe@...> wrote:

Today's pic shows CAF 14 at the Civic terminus in Canberra.

I'm planning to have a ride tomorrow.



Mal Rowe - AU



Mal Rowe - AU