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  Andrew Cook

Here's a few happy snaps around the Prahran terminus at Brighton Road taken in the 1970s. To throw a cat amongst the pigeons, how about 'Balaclava' or 'East St. Kilda' being a far more suitable name for the terminus?

The shots are:

W2 502 entering Chapel Street from Brighton Road ex Glenhuntly Depot, 16 November, 1974.
SW6 905 in Brighton Road at the Milton Street shunt, heading to Carnegie, 16 November, 1974.
W2 576 showing the large old-style 'Prahran' destination, in Chapel Street at Commercial Road, 16 November, 1974.

Andrew Cook (now ducking for cover).

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Every now and again I find an image I like and wish to share it.

Here is another. SW5 768 is just leaving the Prahran terminus on - a terminus that always puzzled me as it is south of Windsor railway station which is south of Prahran railway station. I'm sure there is a good explanation somewhere. Image dates to 26/9/1991.


cheers and best wishes,
David in,
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