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> I see that the L class were a maximum of 9' 6" wide .  This is
> mm.  Was there  special dispensation for these cars or is this
> still allowable in Victoria?  If it is, perhaps Melbourne should
> at wider trams for the next order.
The maximum legal width for a road vehicle in Victoria is 2500 mm
without a permit.

Our trams are 2560 mm so they are clearly not covered by this

The W8s are 2743 mm.

The selection of a non standard width would presumably add to costs.
the platforms are now in place, so I think we will stick with 2650.

Adelaide made the mistake of moving their platforms to suit their I
- so they are now stuck with the narrower European standard.

Mal Rowe - who reckons the I and J type trams would look fine with

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