Fw: Thurs.8.2.24 daily digest, austerity issue
  Roderick Smith

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Thurs.8.2.24 Metro X
Public transport disruptions continue into December, January and February.  Check before you travel at https://bit.ly/2JeTzJJ.
Frankston line: Trains will not stop at Parkdale until mid 2024 (level-crossing removal work). Shuttle buses will operate Mentone - Parkdale - Mordialloc, connecting with trains. No access to station facilities or platforms during this time.
Buses replace trains on sections of the Belgrave line until April (works).
5.29 Werribee line: Minor delays (an equipment fault in the Laverton area).  All Werribee trains will run via Altona; all Lavrton trains will terminate at Newport.
- 5.50 Werribee line: Buses replace trains between Laverton & Newport (direct and via Altona). Connect trains have delays delays
- 6.36 Not good enough. Buses still aren't at Laverton station.
- 6.49 Buses are in operation between Laverton & Newport.
- Apologise for what? That I can’t do my job today cause you can’t run a train line?
- Has anyone at Metro ever done one bit of maintenance on any part of the rail network since you started operating it?
- 7.22 All trains have resumed between Newport and Laverton (Werribee direct, and Laverton via Altona).  First trains: 7.05 ex Flinders St; 6.59 ex Werribee.
- have you considered updating the Metro Trains app so when we check for the next two trains to leave Altona, it actually shows trains that stop at Altona?  It would be really useful on days like this.
- We'll pass on your feedback onto our web developers for further evaluation regarding services changes that specifically affect the Altona Loop stations.
- much appreciated.  I understand that doing other things we want - duplicating track, more frequent services - take considerable time and money. But hopefully putting known timetables in an app you control shouldn't take that long.
9.19 Major delays (an 'operational requirement' near Stony Point).  Trains may remain stationary for an extended period, and may be altered.
16.00 Sandringham line: Major delays and clearing after a police action in the Hampton area.  trains may terminate/originate at intermediate locations.
- 16.13 Does anyone know what this was about?
Frankston line: Buses replace trains Cheltenham - Mordialloc from 20.30 until the last train (works).
21.58 Pakenham/Cranbourne lines: Major delays (a train fault in the Murrumbeena area).  Trains may be held at platforms, or may terminate/originate at intermediate stations.
- 22.08 clearing.