Re: Uni terminus
  Mal Rowe

On 06/02/2024 15:18, Mal Rowe wrote:
> Work started on the Melbourne University terminus renewal on Friday night.


Two more shots from yesterday:

* Routes 5a, 16a and 72a terminate at the Arts Centre, using the
centre road shunt between the Arts Centre and Princes Bridge.
* Rout 67a terminates at the Dudley St shunt where the mainline turns
into Peel St.

Mal Rowe who met a few surprised passengers yesterday

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202-213 ArtCentre-shunt 6Feb2024  |  1575W x 1050H  | 494.45 KB |  Photo details
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2049 WilliamSt-DudleySt-shunt 6Feb2024  |  1575W x 1050H  | 502.67 KB |  Photo details